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Sulfur based treatments

Question: when using sulfur roses tend to get oidium in this heat I can give copper and sulfur? in the evening or in the morning? should the earth be dry or wet? thanks adama INSECTICIDA COCCINIGLIA Dusty White Oil EMULSIONATO KOLLANT 500ml Price
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Celery cultivation

On this page we will talk about: other articles: Celery cultivation: Celery is a vegetable that produces a large stalk of leaves, with a fleshy petiole; it is cultivated starting from the seed, which is placed in the seedbed starting from February-March, and is kept in a warm and sheltered place until the seedlings can be moved, in spring.
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Fruit and Vegetables

False pepper

Question: false pepper can pink pepper called "false pepper" be kept in jars and used in the kitchen to make sauces? In Germany we use green pepper for certain sauces, and since there is a fake pepper tree near my house I picked up a pink pepper meal while it was still green and kept it in the special jars I sterilized it for use in the kitchen.
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Basic rules for caring for tuberous begonia. The subtleties of planting at home and in the open field

Tuberous begonias are planted in pots and outdoors. In order for a decorative culture to please the eye with beautiful flowers, it is important to plant it correctly and provide competent care. All this will require knowledge of certain subtleties from the gardener. This will help you understand the following questions: when and under what conditions you need to transplant a tuberous begon, how to properly plant a flower in open ground and in a pot, why begonias need a transplant and how it is carried out, as well as what care a plant planted at home or in a garden requires.
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