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Question: log

Hello, I would like to request information about the log of happiness I have; has produced an elongated inflorescence, with small little branches that end with a "little flower". I would like to know if seeds are in opposition to the trunk flower. Furthermore, once it "fades", the plant will continue to grow or die. Thank you so much

Answer: log

Dear Ada,
apart from the ferns, all the plants produce flowers, or inflorescences of various types; and above all, the seeds (and / or fruits) arrive after the flowers, not before and not without. So your log, Dracaena messangeana, is blooming. We are not very used to seeing the flowers of a houseplant simply because generally because a plant is flowering it is necessary that it receives the correct environmental conditions, very similar to those that it can receive in nature; and in the house it is always too cold or hot, the air is too dry, the vase too small. Congratulations therefore for your green thumb. In general the dragon trees bloom when they have been in the same vase for a long time, without being repotted, and when they are quite a few years old; but flowering is not the cause of the death of the plant, rather it is rather a symptom of the fact that it is really well. The small green buds should open in a white, feathery, and intensely scented flower. In general, the best way to see these plants bloom is to water them properly and to provide fertilizer periodically; also a winter period in a place where the plant receives temperatures that are not too high helps; and finally, it is essential that the plant is cultivated in a very bright place, because shade and darkness do not favor the flowering of the dragon trees.