Repotted jasmine

Repotted jasmine

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Question: what does my jasmine have?

My jasmine, after decanting, has made all the yellow leaves and is completely softened.
Could it be excessive watering?
What do you advise me to do?

Repotted jasmine: Answer: jasmine

Dear Federica,
in general, the rapid and inexorable yellowing of the foliage of a plant can be due to constant excesses of watering, which continue for long periods of time; in these cases, the roots suffer as they are unable to have gas exchange with the outside; in essence they suffocate, drown, and become easy prey to rot and mold, which ruin them beyond repair. It seems strange, however, that such an effect occurs on a recently decanted plant, since in theory the repotting should have given the plant fresh and rich, and clean, soil, ie free of fungus and mold. Unless the plant was very damaged at the time of repotting; if you have cut the roots thoroughly, or you have broken or torn them by repotting the plant, then a subsequent excess of water, even for just a few days, may have favored the rapid development of root rot. In essence, in a case like this, it is not so much the water that caused the rot, but rather the presence in the vase of torn and torn, already suffering roots. In a case like this it is necessary to extract the plant from the pot again and remove all the dark, broken, brittle roots, with a clean scissors, and with a precise and clean cut.
When repotting the plant with the compost taken from the vaio, place your jasmine in a rich soil, with added fertilizers; therefore it could also be that it is an excess of fertilizers: if you immediately overdone the fertilizer, the plant will suffer quickly, because in addition to the fertilizer supplied by you, there is already that present in the fresh soil. In this case, repot the plant again.