September 2012

September 2012

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1-2 September 2012 Calvi dell'Umbria (TR)

In Calvi dell'Umbria (TR) on 1 and 2 September 2012, floriculture exhibition "Tra pomi e fiori". The event, the first of its kind held in Umbria and now in its twelfth edition, will have its place in the historic center which will be animated by the presence of selected nurserymen from different Italian regions who will provide visitors their productions and their experience, such as to satisfy all the lovers of gardening and the world of green
In the streets and squares of the center, citrus fruits, roses, fruit trees, creepers, unusual shrubs, succulents, carnivores, tillantsies, orchids, peonies, acidophilic plants, perennial weeds, sages, Pelargonium, aquatic plants and whatever else the season can offer will compete to offer a truly special green setting
An opportunity to visit Calvi, called "the happy gate of Umbria" lying on a rocky outcrop between verdant hills that slope down towards the Tiber near Mount S. Pancrazio, in whose main square the church of S. Brigida is worth a visit. in front of the monumental complex of the Monastery of the Ursulines, a work of the Fugue, built in 1744 together with the annexed church of St. Anthony in which a very precious polychrome terracotta crib from the sixteenth century by Giovanni and Raffaele da Montereale is housed. octagonal in plan of the SS. Trinity and that of S. Maria Assunta
HOURS: from 10 - 19 TICKET: 3 Ђ
For information: Organizing Secretariat 333 6841760
Municipality of Calvi dell'Umbria 0744 710119

From 2 September 2012 Rovato (BS)

The timeless garden of Castello Quistini
From September 2nd the historical and botanical path of the Franciacorta castle is renewed thanks to the colors and the autumn blooms.
Autumn is coming and the gardens of Castello Quistini reopen, a timeless magical place in the lands of Franciacorta which, starting from the first Sunday of September, inaugurate the new season dedicated to autumn blooms; until November it will be possible to visit some rooms of the splendid 16th century residence and the palace's botanical garden, where you can admire collections of ancient, modern and English roses, rare varieties of aromatic plants and ancient fruits such as the biricoccolo, a very juicy fruit given by cross between the apricot and plum tree.
Among the splendid autumn rose blooms you can admire and buy Rhapsody in Blue, from the name of one of the most famous musical compositions, it represents one of the most particular re-flowering roses thanks to its purple-tending color. Aloha is another large pink flower that is very fragrant and has large flowers and very fleshy petals.
Appointment then in Rovato, in the province of Brescia, for a tour entitled "among roses, history and legend". Open from September 2nd until end of October all Sundays and holidays from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00.
For information: and, Tel +39 320 8519177.

7-9 September 2012 Fano

The most tasty appointment at the end of summer will be on the seafront of Fano where from September 7th to 9th the wines of the Marche will meet at the Festival of Brodetto the typical dish par excellence. The expected event is part of the broader partnership project between the wines of the Marche, represented by the IMT Consortium and the excellence of a territory with an incomparable unicum.
On the Simonetti seafront, in the show cooking area, the nerve center of the event, visitors will be able to taste the cutting edge of the Marche wine production, represented by the IMT Wine Protection Institute and taste the tasty variations of the "brodetto" proposed by great chef who will play the first prize of the well-established event with a frying pan. Paolo Notari of the Baobab Radio 1 program will lead the challenge between chefs while the selected jury composed, among others, by Enzo Vizzari and Fiammetta Fadda, food and wine journalist, will decide the best fish soup of this tenth edition.
The expectations of gourmets will also be confirmed in this edition of the Festival which will see tastings of delicious recipes on the "Spiaggia del Gusto", culinary competitions of the best chefs and engaging entertainment proposals for everyone. The presence of Fede and Tinto, the friendly presenters of the Rai Radio 2 “Decanter” program, will be confirmed, and they will tell live the crucial moments of the festival.

13-15 September Padua

The largest Italian gardening fair, reserved only for experts in the sector
For information //

22-23 September 2012 Perugia

On September 22nd and 23rd the Perugia Flower Show is back, an exhibition of rare and unusual plants, one of the most prestigious national fairs. The autumn edition will also be dedicated to floriculture and quality gardening, along with collateral educational and training activities.

22-23 September 2012 Vanzo (PD)

Market Exhibition "Vanzo Floreale" 6th edition on 22-23 September 2012
in Villa Giustiniani in San Pietro Viminario (PD) locality Vanzo

21-23 September 2012 Sal Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

Bologna, 21-23 September 2012
Circolo Ca 'de Mandorli, via Idice 24
40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)
[email protected]
Info: tel. 051 0826259 (secretariat)
Next September 21st, the Cactus Festival, the reference market
national for lovers of succulent plants, celebrates its seventh birthday and it
is in the name of renewal. The venue hosting the event is new; the Ca 'de Mandorli recreational club,
immersed in the Bologna countryside. New redesigned website image
totally to offer sharing services through social networks. New too
organizational spirit, which has led to integration through new collaborations
of collateral events of great public interest, for which the growing number of nurserymen
specialized in succulent plants that come from all over Italy and from abroad, are placed side by side
emerging rock groups, late-night disco and food and wine programs, not to mention
count the various educational and environmental initiatives being planned,
which will animate above all the final day of the event.
The event is promoted by the Association for Biodiversity and its Conservation
(, in support of the Verdivisioni project: an Ark for plants in
extinction, ie the construction of a botanical park to house an important one
collection of rare, threatened and endangered succulent plants. The initiative is sponsored by the Department of Environment of the Municipality of San
Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna).
The Cactus Festival can be followed by the official website e
through the main social networks: facebook, twitter, instagram, vimeo and youtube.
Cactus Festival
Ca 'de Mandorli
Via Idice 24, 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena Bologna, Italy
Tel. +39 051 6270 432 - Mobile +39 348 2206 7761


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