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Question: kiwi

I buy kiwis at the coop and I would like to know the season and maturation times and whether to mature they should be kept in the sun or at home thanks to waiting for a reply.

Answer: kiwi

Dear Giuseppina,
unfortunately world trade and the easy transport of goods has made most of the fruit and vegetables available at the supermarket, so it becomes increasingly difficult to follow the advice to consume only seasonal vegetables and fruits, since we can hardly know the period of maturation of all the fruits and vegetables nowadays traded. Many times in the supermarket we find fruit that comes from distant places, where the seasons are staggered compared to ours; in addition to this, as often, we can find Italian fruit, produced and harvested in our country, but which was then preserved, to be sold even months later. The most typical case is that of apples, which in addition to being produced also in Chile or Brazil, can be preserved for months, without completely losing their organoleptic properties. But if we want to eat seasonal fruit, apples should be eaten only in autumn, a time when they are harvested from trees. The same is true for kiwis, which are a typical autumn fruit; just take a trip to Trentino in October to see the kiwi climbing shrubs fill the pergolas with small dark fruits. The kiwis are then often picked still hard, not ripe, so that they can be transported without ruining them, which would be impossible with completely ripe fruits. In the summer at the supermarket there are always kiwis, if on the label, next to the price, laws that have been produced in Italy, then know that they have been in the refrigerator for months; if they are not an Italian product, then they may have been caught only a few days ago, but they caused some pollution in the world, as they often traveled to Italy from New Zealand. When you have unripe kiwis in your home (and I recommend the Italian kiwis in autumn) the best way to make them mature is to keep them next to a couple of apples; just put a couple of apples and 2-3 kiwis into the fruit bowl at a time, so you can eat them a little at a time. If you have no apples at home you can also put a couple of bananas alongside the kiwis. Maturation in fruits is favored by the presence of ethylene (even in very small doses, which we do not perceive), and the banana and apple peel constantly emits small amounts of ethylene in the air.