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The green tablets

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The extract is obtained from the plant without any fermentation and oxidation process, but through a process of vaporization and subsequent drying of its plant elements. In this way, the chlorophyll contained in the plant is not lost nor modified, thus allowing the complete preservation of its important components, such as volatile oils, vitamins, minerals, caffeine and polyphenols.
This plant is still used today not only in the Far East (China and Japan in primis) where already 3000 years ago it was considered a real "elixir of long life", but also in the West where we learned the lesson that there was handed down from some Chinese medical texts dating back to the second century AD, which report the benefits of this plant on health. Subsequent studies have found that the therapeutic properties of this plant are due to the so-called "polyphenols", or a subgroup of flavonoids with particular anti-oxidant properties that counteract cell aging and the rise of free radicals and at the same time strengthen the immune system.
These discoveries have meant that green tea was often used as an adjuvant during treatment to fight cancer as a natural inhibitor of "telomeres", ie those enzymes that make cancer cells immortal.
Further research has proved the validity of this plant also for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, bacterial and viral diseases and diabetes.
In the East, green tea is also used to treat hepatitis, nephritis and leukemia, as well as to solve the annoying problem of halitosis.
Green tea can be taken in different ways, in the form of infusion, decoction, tablets and capsules. The green tea extract is also found in many cosmetics, products for the body and hair, which exploit not only the beneficial effects that its components play in direct contact with the skin or with scalp, but also the very pleasant fragrance.
Here we will talk in particular about green tea in tablets, particularly used during slimming diets, as an adjunct for weight control and to fight cellulite.


Green tea-based tablets are excellent food supplements able to counteract free radicals, thus becoming an excellent defender of the human organism. These tablets are widely used by those who follow low-calorie diets because they are able to counteract the so-called "ketone molecules" that the human body naturally produces during periods of fasting. The green tea tablets also allow giving the body a boost of energy, activating the metabolism and thus allowing the fat to burn faster.
Thanks to catechin, a substance contained in green tea, to trace elements and to its minerals (zinc, potassium, magnesium), these tablets also perform a draining and purifying action, able to eliminate waste from the body and excess fluids. Some research has shown that the intake of 90 mg of catechins a day is able to burn the body up to 260 calories.
Green tea tablets also promote the body's thermogenic processes and reduce the digestive capacity of fats.
Thanks to the action of defense and strengthening of the immune system of the green tea plant, there are also tablets suitable for the treatment of the flu syndrome.
It is important to underline that the antioxidant, purifying, draining, plumping and energizing properties of this plant are particularly active at the beginning of spring. A cure with particularly satisfying effects can start from March onwards. This is because after immobility and winter sleep, the body's cells and the body's molecules start to move again and are predisposed to regenerate. Spring is the time when tissues naturally trigger renewal processes, responding particularly well to purifying and anti-aging treatments.


According to an oriental tradition, the green tea must be taken during the evening hours, at that moment when the sun is low on the horizon (at sunset or at dawn). This mostly applies to consumption of the plant in the form of an infusion or beverage.
As for the green tea in tablets, it should be taken every day, for the entire duration of the hypocaloric diet (and even beyond), through one or two tablets a day to be ingested during meals, with the help of a sip of water or other liquids .
In the case of tablets with a lower concentration of green tea, up to four tablets can be reached daily.

Green tea tablets: CONTRAINDICATIONS

The green tea does not present particular contraindications. However, it contains a certain amount of caffeine. The concentration is lower than that contained in other types of tea and in coffee, but it is advisable not to exceed in the quantities, especially if you suffer from insomnia, and stick to the doses recommended by your doctor or herbalist.
These tablets are also not recommended for people with hypertension as they can be themselves the cause of mild hypertension.
In conjunction with taking anti-inflammatory drugs, they can cause gastric irritation.
Green tea slimming tablets also contain other ingredients. Remember to check the leaflet or back of these drugs to avoid any allergic reactions to one or more components.


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