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Garden barbecue

Despite the propensity for progress and industrialization, primordial love for outdoor life is always alive in us. With the arrival of spring the desire that drives us to create green spaces and gardens and encourages us to look for small oases of peace and shelters from the hectic modern life, are simple gestures that are part of our genetic code. Being immersed in nature makes us regress to a state of greater simplicity, the continuous flow of daily bustle results in the need to find ourselves in a place dear to us, the garden. With the complicity of the warm season and the lengthening of the days the need for a healthy and creative hobby that involves physical exercise in the open air becomes indispensable. Taking care of your green corner and the furniture that can best enhance us keeps us in shape and allows us even for a moment to escape from the daily worries of the world in which we live. To complete the decor of our green space, just add a personal touch that reflects our lifestyle. A wooden gazebo, a pergola, a table with chairs, a bench and two armchairs make your garden corner a romantic place or a place to host friends. And how do you complete the decor of your garden so as to give your shelter that proverbial extra touch? An essential accessory that will allow you to prepare various foods enriched by good food and tables in the company of friends. You can't not think of the garden barbecue, ideal for sincere relaxation that you can hardly give up in the future. The choice essentially depends on the position in which you have decided to install it and the awareness of how the flavors of food are enhanced by the type of cooking.

The choice of your garden barbecue

It is important to do a meditated sorting as you will have to be careful to place it near windows of other houses, hedges and trees. On the market there are masonry, stone, stainless steel, brick, metal, fixed-structure or folding barbecues, fitted with lids and wheels. They can also be coal, gas or electric. They are equipped with rectangular, round or square grids and additional grills and skewers. Charcoal barbecues consist of a brazier on which the grill is placed at a distance. In the gas models instead of the brazier there is a plate that heats up with the flame and are garden kitchens in all respects. In the electric ones, the heat comes from one or more heating elements placed under the grill. The grill is almost always protected by a screen on three sides. Some are equipped with a lid which, when left open, will act as a screen. The grill and the spit can be positioned at different heights thanks to steps on the barbecue structure that allow it to be moved. The most sophisticated models are equipped with a rotisserie cooking motor. There are also Barbecue with brazier divided into sectors for cooking on a more or less wide surface.

Cook on charcoal

The first operation to be performed is to pour the charcoal on the brazier and sprinkle it with the flammable liquid to facilitate ignition and light it with a match. Under the charcoal you can put crumpled newspaper and set it on fire with the match. The flames released from the paper will ignite the charcoal. The charcoal is ready when a uniform layer of white ash has formed on its surface. At this point you can put the grill with the foods to cook. The grill should never be in direct contact with the heat source. The more the embers are hot the more foods must be distant to avoid burning.

How to clean

The barbecue should be cleaned as soon as it cools down, waiting longer makes cleaning difficult. The steel grills and skewers must be immersed in very hot and detergent water and it is essential to use a steel scourer or a brush with metal bristles with a long handle. For braziers and fat-collecting trays it is better to avoid the steel wool and brush, clean them with a sponge, hot water and detergent. Once all the grease has been removed, it is necessary to rinse several times and dry well the grills and accessories before storing them. If you want to cold clean the brazier and the lid, use the deposit ash as a detergent or specific products, forming a homogeneous patina that will absorb the fat. Remove everything with absorbent paper sheets.

The security

The use of alcohol, which is extremely dangerous due to its high flammability, should be avoided. The charcoal when it burns releases a toxic gas, carbon monoxide, which is why it is good to use the charcoal barbecue outdoors. It is good to place the barbecue in a sheltered and upwind corner, away from trees and bushes that could easily catch fire. Before purchasing, check the stability of the structure, avoid placing the barbecue on uneven ground, especially with models equipped with wheels.


Among the types of fuel for embers, preferably oak, beech, olive and fruit trees in general are chosen. It is not recommended that pine and fir, very resinous and therefore not suitable for cooking food. The hardest wood burns slowly, allowing optimal management of cooking temperatures, and if properly used it can give the food a special flavor such as the one that releases the cherry. The charcoal instead is used for the greater speed of preparation of the embers in comparison to the times of combustion of the wood. It is produced by burning large blocks of wood in oxygen-free ovens, obtaining small uniform pieces. The briquettes are an ideal solution for lighting the barbecue and in indirect cooking as they burn slowly and at lower temperatures, ideal for finishing cooking with the lid closed.

BBQ utensils

If you want to get seriously closer to the art of Barbecue, you need to have some essential accessories like fork, pliers, food pallets with a long handle. They cannot miss the excellent kitchen gloves in fireproof material, to protect themselves from heat and to move the grill during the cooking phase. A very useful set of metal skewers with a wooden handle, to make combinations of cuts of meat and vegetables. An excellent double grill will be used to turn the food and prevent a part from sticking to the grill. Essential for cooking vegetables, cheese and fish. A food brush to brush the meat during cooking and moisten it, those with natural bristles are preferred. A thermometer is necessary for those who are beginners in the art of barbecue cooking to control the cooking of grilled meat. You will need a syringe to prepare large cuts of meat, flavoring them with aromatic liquids and various flavors before cooking. A set of sharp knives for the most expert, for the processing of cooked food and for cutting particular pieces of meat. Along with the knives, a fluted cutting board is essential for collecting the cooking juice and for slicing meat and cooked food that is still steaming. Not much experience is required for barbecue cooking, but lots of attention, patience and organizational skills. So before starting to cook, make a final check on the food, the seasonings, the fuel, the tools, so that you have everything at hand. During cooking pay attention to the embers and to the food and good grilling at all.

Barbecue: Garden barbecue

Always considered the added value par excellence for its garden, even an element such as the barbecue has undergone an important evolution over the last few years, with the proliferation of new types of products, which, inevitably, require all “interested parties ”, A preventive study to better address the issue.
The sector, in fact, currently presents us with alternatives such as those represented by wood-fired, gas-fired barbecues, up to those "more beautiful to see", such as stone barbecues. Our purpose, through a section of this type, will be to make you choose consciously, without, however, neglecting a series of important accessories, indispensable for their use.
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