Replanting Prato

Replanting Prato

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Question: Replanting Prato

good morning I need help with my lawn. about 2 years ago I sowed my small lawn about 60 square meters with ryegrass and dycondra
achieving a good result.
unfortunately this year the lawn is all skinned and the dycondra seems to have disappeared.
could I have any advice to thicken and reinforce my lawn? whereas it is quite sunny from May to September.
waiting for vs
kind regards

Answer: Replanting Prato

Dear Reader,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions on replanting your lawn.
A lawn that has little thick areas can be subject to various situations that we summarize in:
· Water imbalances (excess or defect)
· Unbalanced fertilization in nitrogen
· Relative seeding density
· Parasitic attacks
These factors together with the accidental shaving not well done may have favored the formation of areas with dry plants.
Given that the main remedy is agronomic prevention, that is to create a fresh, fertile and non-constipated soil, with good drainage and drainage of rainwater, in addition to good sharpening of the mower.
The re-seeding of the damaged areas seems to be correct, especially if completed by the removal of any dried out felt and the affected area by airing.