Church wedding decorations

Church wedding decorations

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Church wedding decorations

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a couple and we know that everything must be perfect, organized at its best and scenographic; although over the years, even in the matrimonial field, fashion has nevertheless maintained its leading role, favoring the bride and groom with a certain type of choice over another, some aspects of the organization of a marriage have remained unchanged and linked to tradition. One of these aspects, in fact, is that which concerns the choice of decorations in the church, a sacred place where the celebration itself takes place and in which the majority of the guests gather to await the bride and groom; the choice of decorations in the church, therefore, represents a crucial moment with a strong visual impact. Precisely because of its importance, the decoration must be conceived as an integral part of the ceremony, which is able, therefore, to bring out not only the personality of the spouses, but also their taste and their preferences; it is true, then, that since the church is a rather traditional place, it still tends to choose decorations that recall the traditional color of the wedding ceremony, or white (synonymous with purity), but it is possible, however, to create a different atmosphere , magical and personalized the same. Before choosing the decorations for the church, we must, first of all, rely on a trusted florist, able to follow the couple step by step in the choice, who has an excellent knowledge of flowers and, above all, is honest in costs, as we know that decorating the church is one of the costs that most affects the budget of the marriage. Here are some tips to make the best choice, at low cost, but with a final result that will make you feel protagonists in the true sense of the word.

Criteria for choosing the right decorations for the church

As just mentioned, the choice of decorations for the church represents a really important choice for the spouses, as this is the place where the ceremony for the sacred union takes place and in which the guests have time to look around calmly and comment with their neighbors, acquaintances and friends their opinions on all that surrounds them; the decorations, therefore, must be able not only to enhance the beauty of the place where one enters, but also to enhance the married couple throughout the duration of the wedding ceremony. The first suggestion, therefore, is to remain on the traditional colors or however tenuous, but with the insertion of a color that is able, or to recall the color of an element of the bride, or that it is significant for the couple itself. Then, other very important aspects must be taken into account in order to choose the decorations for the ceremony in the best way; the church, in fact, has a very influential weight, because based on its size, style, historical period and the colors that recur, especially on the altar, certain types of flowers can be preferred over others, even if they remain on a sober, refined and traditional taste. Another aspect to take into consideration is the time and month in which the wedding ceremony will be held: if, in fact, the marriage takes place in the morning, green light for flowers that give a feeling of freshness and cleanness, such as daisies, chamomiles, roses and natural and bright colored fabrics; on the other hand, if the ceremony takes place in the late afternoon or in the evening, to create a magical atmosphere you can dare with candles (able to create a certain atmosphere) and more important fabrics such as brocade, satin or taffeta.

How to save on decorations for church wedding

If, unfortunately, the budget you have set for the wedding turns out to be a little limited, especially after choosing the dress, the favors and the honeymoon, you can still find excellent ideas to save at least on the decorations for the church; first of all try to understand if during the same day there will be other married couples willing to share the expenses for the decorations. This choice, of course, has pros and cons: on the one hand, in fact, it is possible to find with a bit of luck other couples who have the same or good tastes as you and reach an agreement on the compositions and the price to be supported, but from the this may not happen. Another way to save money, but without going to affect the final result is to choose seasonal and easily available flowers and plants; moreover, it is advisable to go to the wholesalers, to be able to buy at reasonable prices, letting some friends help you to create the compositions. Try to choose solutions that can also be reused in the restaurant and buy any candles yourself, saving a lot.

Type of decorations

It is known that each bride is different from the other, but that each wants to be a protagonist at least on the day of her marriage; here are some tips for the decorations, based on the type of dress you will be wearing. If you call yourself a rather classic bride, you cannot choose the color white or ivory for your dress; prefer decorations with soft and pastel colored flowers like roses, enriched with pearls and silk fabrics, which are able to give light and elegance. If, instead, you choose a dress that is attentive to the fashion of the moment, even the decorations must reflect this attention to fashion: showy compositions, but also refined with tulips, orchids and calla lilies. Finally, for sober and casual brides, go ahead for daisies, lilies, daffodils and gardenias with hints of color.