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Herbalist capsules

First of all let's see what are the herbal capsules. The capsules are the envelopes in which the medicinal herbs necessary to treat some diseases are placed, where it is not possible to use them in the form of tinctures, decoctions or infusions and herbal teas. Let's just say that the ends are the same and the therapeutic properties of medicinal herbs, are absorbed by our body in the same way only with the capsules, it is much more comfortable to ingest a preparation. Not to mention the factor that the doses introduced into a capsule are expertly placed, by highly experienced people such as the operators of the industries producing these valid elements. The popular tradition as far as officinal herbs are concerned has been extensively studied by scientists in phytotherapeutic science and after extensive knowledge of the subject and preparations tested on volunteers, it has been concluded that medicinal herbs, treat exactly the same way as traditional medicine and many people love to treat their pathologies with herbs and are widely satisfied. Obviously to prepare the capsules, a special science is needed and the manufacturers, collect the herbs with mastery and knowledge of the facts, dry them through complicated industrial processes, mince and encapsulate them, respecting the strictest controls imposed by the law of the pharmacopoeia.

How the capsules are made

The capsule designed to contain powdered herbs is usually made up of a single element or multiple active ingredients. Frequently we use food jellies that come into symbiosis with plasticized agents and benefits for the body and the consistency of the capsules, it is excellent. Sometimes, especially when we see those colored capsules, those preservatives and those dyes are used which are however required by law and usually colored capsules are made up of two types of elements, namely the body of the capsule which contains the dose of medicinal herb reduced to dust and the lid that closes the casing. During its production, the capsule passes through four very precise phases, namely the production of empty capsules, the moment in which the capsules are opened, the placement of the dose of medicinal herb and the definitive closure. There are other phases resulting from these which are packaging in pharmaceutical blisters and the actual packaging in the cardboard box and this occurs with the aid of automation on conveyor belts.

In addition to being very comfortable and containing the perfect dose of medicinal herb powder, the capsules also provide the ease of being able to take substances that are made odorless like garlic. As for this vegetable that has therapeutic properties of a fundamental importance, the capsules contain it in a very concentrated manner and if we wanted to use it naturally, we should eat it in a disproportionate amount with all the effects related to the high bad and to the sweating that like it is known, if too much garlic is ingested, unfortunately it becomes rather unpleasant. Garlic capsules are very small and are prepared in such a way that they give adequate protection to the stomach and have a total absence of taste and odor. Therefore, the use of the capsule is really effective above all for that kind of herbs with an unpleasant taste or smell and in addition the capsules are prepared in such a way that within a quarter of an hour they are able to dissolve in the stomach and provide to the body, all the active ingredients of the medicinal herb.The price of the capsules

The price of the capsules varies a lot but not because someone is better than another but simply because everything depends on their size, on the blister in which they were introduced and on the cardboard packaging. In some blisters we find just six capsules while in others we find even sixty without counting the recyclable plastic bottles that have an even higher cost. The price varies from 5 euros to 60 euros.

When not to use the capsules

Obviously the capsules should not be given to infants and children who cannot swallow them. Some doctors recommend opening them and emptying their contents onto a teaspoon in which a few drops of water are added. Their use, however, with regard to children, must always be recommended by an expert person better if Pediatrician or doctor treating them. The disadvantage of the capsules also with regard to intake by adults, is their indivisibility but it is enough to carry out the same operation that is applied for children and this problem can be remedied. In other words, place all the contents of the capsule or part in a spoon and then add a few drops of water and finally ingest the mixture. This also applies to those who have problems with swallowing.

How capsules are taken

Of course the herbal capsules should be taken with a medical prescription. It is your homeopathic doctor or your doctor, who will decide your daily dose depending on the condition you are accusing. The capsules should be taken as your doctor advises and as indicated on the leaflet supplied in the box. Usually the dose is four capsules a day to swallow with a glass of water but the doses may vary from person to person.