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Pvc planters

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PVC planters

Each of us likes to adorn our environment, be it the balcony, the terrace, the apartment or the garden, with splendid flowering plants to be placed in comfortable planters. The flowers are colorful, cheerful and lively. They can furnish and create very interesting situations of pure design. In these cases, it is extremely important to choose the most suitable planters, more comfortable and, why not, more beautiful. One of the main materials used in the construction of these useful containers is certainly wood, which however is not very "ecological" and very often also not very economical. Here then comes to us a practical and versatile material like PVC, which for some time has been widely used for the construction of valid planters.


Of course! You know: one of the most evident characteristics of common wood, which is often used for the construction of garden or indoor planters, is the extreme versatility of its treatment. Aesthetically it is very beautiful to see and immediately establishes a particular harmony with natural environments, even when it is in urban or even domestic contexts. However, its practical use is not only "green", but also expensive. In fact, finding and working with wood has a significant impact on the ecosystem, and the new sensibility in the matter of ecology suggests, basically, to leave the wood right where it is: obviously on the trees! Another not negligible element that typically characterizes wood is wear: regular maintenance of this precious material, but particularly subject to deterioration, can be tiring and very expensive.
Planters made of PVC have the advantage of being very cheap, light, versatile and durable. They do not suffer the deleterious effects of atmospheric agents (often undervalued) and do not weaken over time. All this goes directly to the user, who can dedicate his time to his true, natural passion: flower care!


For those who are passionate about floriculture and gardening, the extreme comfort and versatility of these excellent flower containers cannot go unnoticed.
First of all, the bottom is pierced with several holes of variable diameter which drain the irrigation water in the most appropriate way, thus avoiding a dangerous stagnation. This feature is of vital importance because it favors the correct aeration of the soil, therefore greater oxygenation of the roots, consequently a better vitality of your precious flowers! Another detail that is far from negligible is represented by the galvanized steel plate placed on the bottom: extremely hygienic, easily washable, it keeps the whole structure eternally solid!
The average temperature level is very important for the survival of your flowers. The soil should remain fresh and moist for a long time. It must not dry out or suffocate. Again, PVC planters are a panacea. In fact they are built in such a way that the external and internal walls are mutually isolated from a sort of interspace that maintains a constant temperature, avoiding unpleasant and damaging overheating of the soil.


Polyvinyl chloride (better known as PVC) has been specifically designed to have advantageous characteristics such as versatility (it is flexible and mouldable), high resistance to atmospheric agents and pollution and, above all, stability. Unlike other materials, it requires no special maintenance other than periodic cleaning (it is cleaned with a normal cloth soaked in water). It is immune to any parasitic and fungal attack, a decidedly positive characteristic that is to the benefit of your plants!
Many of the PVC planters available on the market in the most common garden shops are elegant, refined, suitable for all tastes, even the most difficult. It is possible to find them in different colors and patterns, even identical to those in wood.
Another very important factor that characterizes the material of which these containers are made is the total recyclability: a special attention to the safeguard of our planet never hurts!
The extreme lightness of PVC containers is also not to be underestimated, as they allow the enthusiast to move the position of the planters at any time and without the slightest effort!


Do you want to plant peonies? Do you want to keep mosquitoes away during the hot season by planting beautiful multi-colored geraniums? Are you going to paint your garden with splashes of swollen and red roses? Or, more simply, would you like to surround yourself with succulent plants? For every taste, every need and need, there is a PVC planter that is right for you. Take into account the location, the arrangement in space, the type of flower you want to cultivate, and then make your choice! But pay attention to the shades, the shapes, the settings: you need to plan what you want and the final effect. A color that is too soft could weaken the environment; one too flamboyant would diminish the vivacity of the flowers. Have you considered the decor?
In short, a good dose of good taste and a walk in the most common garden shops, in addition to proper management and planning of the space you have around, can only lead you straight to the perfect choice: of course, yours!


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