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Grow roses

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Question: grow roses

Hello. I'm Rossella R. I'm writing to ask you for help regarding a problem that I just can't solve for years. I love roses, but every time I buy one, putting it on my terrace, it is punctually devoured by tiny green worms. How can I do? Is there a product that is both economical and effective at the same time? Thanks

Answer: grow roses

Gentlie Rossella,
roses are among the most loved plants, which makes them very common in cultivation; unfortunately, many pests that attack them are also very common, ruining them even beyond repair.
The small worms of which you speak to us could be the young larvae of small wasps commonly found in our gardens.
The larvae feed on the foliage, and they also devour large quantities of it, quite quickly.
To eradicate them it is necessary to use an insecticide by contact, which is a product that must be sprayed directly onto the larvae themselves.
You can also prevent the attack by using the large insecticide tablets to be inserted into the vessels, which dissolve each time you water the plant. This type of insecticide is used only in vessels, as it remains in a limited area.
They are generally sold in packs of 10 or 20 tablets, each of which lasts for a few months.


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