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The potato is a tuber defined in botanical parlance belonging to the family of Solanum tuberosum; It is a food that lends itself to being used in numerous sweet and savory recipes: from gnocchi to gateau, from fries to croquettes. Different qualities of potatoes are available on the market: yellow paste suitable for cooking and those with a floury consistency for puré. When you decide to buy fruit and vegetables at the counter, avoid buying the ones already wrapped and prefer the potatoes sold loose with the skin intact and well stretched, intact and free of dents and without sprouts. It is necessary to preserve the potatoes in a cool, dry and poorly lit environment to prevent them from turning green and beginning to sprout; when found sprouts you must absolutely eliminate the tubers because they develop an alkaloid substance common to that present in the peel of the aubergine or the solanine; this chemical compound, if ingested in modest quantities, can cause certain undesirable effects on the nervous system and disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Potatoes and the substances contained

The potato has a high starch content and a modest protein and vitamin C content; it is also very rich in potassium, vitamin B5, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, polyphonols and dietary fiber. This tuber is also known for its high carbohydrate content and in fact they are very often avoided by low glycemic index diets. Among the vitamins present we find vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, K and J in greater quantities. The content of all these substances and their quantity varies according to both the variety and origin of potato and the cooking method. storage. For example, new potatoes and those with a long shape have a lower presence of toxic substances compensated by a higher presence of nutrients. It is also useful to know that if the potatoes are peeled and stored for a long time they lose many of their beneficial substances except potassium and vitamin B. Moreover, if you peel and cut the potatoes and do not cook immediately, to avoid that become black it can be stored in abundant cold water, this method of preservation also helps us to reduce the amount of starch present in the tuber before cooking. Although fried potatoes have an inviting appearance and taste, this is not the best way to benefit from all the nutrients of the potato, in fact, during frying it loses most of its principles and its beneficial substances.

The potato and its effects on the organism

Thanks to their high content of vitamins, minerals and nutrients potatoes have numerous beneficial effects on our body. For example, their high potassium content means that potatoes play an important role against hypertension and water retention. Thanks to their iron intake, if cooked in the oven with all the peel, they are a good remedy for the anemia. If it is centrifuged, the juice extracted if taken about four times a day is a good natural cure for gastritis and ulcers as it can neutralize gastric juices. For pregnant women, instead, just chew a small piece of raw potato to make the nausea that usually occurs during the pregnancy disappear.
A good way to take care of your well-being with potatoes is to cut them into cubes with all the peel and soak them in 250 ml of salted water. After having filtered the water from all the residues of the tuber cubes, drinking a glass every morning before having breakfast has an excellent purifying effect.

The potato for beauty care

There are many uses for potatoes in the care of beauty and well-being. For example:
-If we burned or at the sea we remedied a sunburn the potato comes to our aid. It is enough to apply a slice of raw potato on the burn for relief and an immediate feeling of freshness. Furthermore, if kept on the irritated area for at least twenty minutes, blisters will be avoided.
-The slices of raw potato are a remedy of the grandmother also for the eyes reddened, tired or swollen, for the dark circles and for the small wrinkles like the crow's feet; alternatively you can also opt for the application of a gauze soaked in potato juice.
-If you suffer from excessive sweating, to avoid bad smells you can find a solution by rubbing under the arms at the armpit, a slice of raw potato.

The potato in everyday household chores

For example if you need to clean dishes, glasses and mirrors by rubbing the pulp of the potato and then passing a cotton cloth, all traces of hands and fingers remaining on the glass will disappear. Moreover, if we have recently cooked the boiled potatoes, the cooking water is excellent to make the glass jugs shine, the crockery and even the silverware. In cleaning our clothes, the potato helps us with its degreasing power, rubbing a slice of potato on a hostile spot before washing will make it easier to disappear. Furthermore, the potato water is perfect for washing embroidery and delicate lace without the use of detergents. Moreover, if during the ironing of slightly more delicate fabric garments some shiny halo has accidentally been created, it is sufficient to rub over the potato slice to make it disappear completely.


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