Pineapple stem

Pineapple stem

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Pineapple stem

The excellent slimming and digestive properties of pineapple are known to many. But not everyone knows of the incredible characteristics that are the prerogative of a specific fraction of this fruit: the pineapple stalk. The great success that has brought to the fore the pineapple stalk in various sectors in the field of care and natural remedies is mainly due to a special substance of which it is particularly rich. A substance called bromelain. It seems to be precisely this specific enzyme, highly concentrated in the stem, that holds the primacy regarding important virtues in the therapeutic field. First of all, bromelain, its proteoliche abilities, facilitates the digestive process of proteins, plays a very important fluidifying action on the mucus, being an excellent defense against bronchitis, sinusitis and various types of cooling. Moreover, the pineapple stem boasts an effective anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory action. But let's go deeper into its properties and characteristics, starting from the analysis of bromelain, the main responsible of the curative actions known to us.

Characteristics and properties of bromelain contained in the pineapple stem.

It is a substance known since ancient times by some peoples, such as the Aztecs, who used it in cooking meat. Nowadays, its use is considerably extended in other areas.
One of the most interesting aspects of bromelain present in the pineapple stem is its very high capacity to be assimilated by the human organism: once introduced, it is absorbed in a percentage that can exceed 40%. Furthermore, when bromelain reaches our blood system circulating in our body through the blood, it is able to carry out an important fibronolytic action. In other words, bromelain helps us facilitate fibrin digestion, one of the fundamental proteins that contribute directly to the realization of blood clots. The importance of blood clot activity is known to all, as it is thanks to our blood capacity that our body is able to heal wounds. Yet, if the clot forms inside veins or arteries, it can severely expose us to the risk of thrombosis. In this case we will therefore say that the activity of the pineapple stem and in particular bromelain is mainly a preventive activity that limits the possibility of suffering from such disorders.

Method of intake and dosage of pineapple stem

First of all, it is useful to specify that at the commercial level, when we talk about pineapple or bromelain stems, since the latter is the predominant substance inside the fruit, we refer exactly to the same product. It is a preparation readily available on the market in different formats. We can indeed find capsules, as well as powdered tablets that are produced by grinding the dried bromelain extract. After choosing the most convenient product according to your needs, you must consider the fact that the dosage varies according to the disorder for which the pineapple stem is employed. If we wish to counteract an ongoing inflammation, the indicated dose is forty milligrams to be taken three times a day. For further information on hiring, the contact person who can best inform you will undoubtedly be your family doctor.

Some possible contraindications of the pineapple stem

As we have already mentioned, the pineapple stem is highly tolerable by our body. Yet this substance can cause extensive allergic reactions if taken by people who are particularly sensitive to it. Moreover, due to its ability to affect the blood system, the pineapple stem can cause an overabundance of the menstrual cycle, causing in this case some discomfort particularly to women suffering from Mediterranean anemia and very low blood pressure. If we are already taking drugs with an anticoagulant action, it is preferable to avoid using the pineapple stem at the same time, which could alter the properties of the medicines, strengthening them to excess. Also recommended for use in gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Pineapple stem: Some tips to enhance the effectiveness of the pineapple stalk

To amplify the incredible properties of the pineapple stalk, it may be useful to follow some simple rules that are nevertheless desirable to preserve and maintain the natural balance of our body. First of all, the digestive action, a prerogative of bromelain, can be strengthened by the healthy habit of drinking a lot of water, especially between meals, and of eating little and often. Furthermore, physical exercise and long walks help strengthen the abdominal muscles, which are involved in the digestive process. In the event that we take the bromelain contained in the pineapple stem to obtain benefits derived from its fluidifying action on the mucus, it will be good practice to also remember to accompany this natural treatment with other homeopathic aids. We can for example inhale sirmione water or perfumed vapors with eucalyptus essential oil. The need to strengthen pineapple stem care depends on the specific needs of your organism, to know which will always be useful to consult who knows the best, or your family doctor.