Rocket salad

Rocket salad

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Rocket salad:

The rocket is an aromatic herb, also used in order to enrich salads, first courses and sauces with flavor, which also develops spontaneously in the Italian flora.
In fact, the term rocket is commonly referred to as two different herbaceous plants: eruca sativa, cultivated rocket, and diplotaxis integrifolia, or wild rocket.
While in the past only cultivated rocket seeds were found on the market, now also those of wild rocket, which has smaller leaves and a more intense flavor, are easily found.
The rocket is an annual plant, with spring and summer development, which fears the cold; it is cultivated by sowing it directly in the house, in the garden or in a large vase, considering that many leaves are consumed, and the harvest of a small vase can be exhausted very quickly. A plot is prepared that is not too large, in a sunny place, where the rocket is sown in succession, from the beginning of spring, until the end of summer, in order to have a fresh harvest of new leaves.
If desired, it is also possible to carry out one seeding only, but it is important to remember that it is necessary to keep the plot cultivated with rocket constantly "sheared", so as to periodically develop small new leaves for the plants, as if you let the rocket plants develop freely they tend to stand up, to produce flexible but leathery stems. Flowering plants tend to produce very small leaves with a bitter taste, not interesting for culinary use.