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The bougainvillea is a creeper native to southern America, particularly Brazil; it has vigorous development, and on the market it is possible to find varieties with fuchsia, yellow, red, pink, and even white inflorescence; generally it has a climber development, but in the nursery we can find small shrubs, with hanging development.
The thin flexible branches have strong sharp spines, and bear large oval, light green leaves.
It prefers fresh, rich, and above all very well drained soils; it is positioned in a sunny place, sheltered from the wind.
In areas where in winter the frosts are intense and prolonged, the bougainvillea is cultivated in a cold greenhouse, or it is placed against the house, in a sheltered and protected place.
During the whole of the warm season the watering will be regular, remember that the plant tolerates drought well, and watering must be provided only when the soil has been dry for a few days. In the cold months we water only in case of drought, paying particular attention to specimens grown in cold greenhouses, where they do not receive rainwater.
At the end of winter we spread at the foot of the plant some slow release granular fertilizer, at the beginning of autumn instead we shorten the tallest branches, so as to favor the development of branches in the lower part.