Rose flower arrangements

Rose flower arrangements

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How to create flower arrangements with roses

Making floral compositions with roses allows you to create lively and colorful creations, able to embellish an environment by decorating it in an imaginative and spectacular way. Roses, on the other hand, can be considered among the most suitable flowers for a composition, in virtue of their recognized elegance and the scent they give off. So let's see how to create a cheap and magical bouquet in a simple and practical way. After having provided us with a vase, a sponge, a pair of gardening shears, a string and a wicker basket, it's time to proceed to the selection of flowers, looking for the freshest possible specimens: for this reason, the compositions of roses should be avoided during the summer months, when these flowers wither with a certain speed. The roses, therefore, can be bought from a florist; if, on the other hand, we have our own cultivation at our disposal, we will be able to collect them on condition that we follow some important tips regarding the cuts. They must be carried out in a clear and decisive manner, to avoid leaving possible fraying that, besides being anti-aesthetic, would expose the flower to attack by parasites or potential infections. Furthermore, the cut must be made in an oblique direction, so as to increase the surface available for water absorption, and practiced with adequately cleaned and disinfected instruments (a cloth damped in alcohol is enough to rub the blades, which for other must be as sharp as possible).

Instructions for use: match the flowers and colors

After immersing the sponge in the water and squeezing it adequately so as to leave it damp but not soaked, you must cut the ends of the stems, so as to be able to fit the sponge inside the vase (or, if you prefer, the wicker basket), removing the part that exceeds. At this point you can proceed by inserting the flowers. On the other hand, nothing prevents us from using roses of different colors (red, blue, white, pink, etc.), if we want to give life to a particularly colored composition: the important thing, however, will be to be able to match the colors in a harmonious and proportionate manner , avoiding excesses or jarring, as well as too bright tones. For example, unlike what you would wear and believe white roses stand out more than colored roses, and for this reason they should be used sparingly.

The aesthetic parameters to be respected

Once the bouquet is complete, it is advisable to apply specific polishing on the leaves, which has the purpose, among other things, to protect them from external assaults. All that remains is to add water in the case, changing it once a day.
In any case, in the creation work it is necessary to respect some aesthetic parameters: it is not, of course, binding rules to be followed in a mandatory way, but simple advice that can be useful especially for beginners with little experience. In particular, it will be advisable to take care of the proportion between the roses and the vase in which they will be placed, and, by adopting a more global point of view, between the floral composition and the place where it will be located. The elements on which attention must be focused are the visual weight of the vase, the leaves and the flowers (in the sense that very large roses will be inadequate for too small a vase) and the overall composition. Equally important is the visual balance, in the sense that it would be good to remember to observe the composition from afar, to verify the possible presence of areas of imbalance or imbalance. It is worthwhile, therefore, to place small roses and large roses next to each other, or to place bright and large leaves on the underside of the vase, so as to aesthetically balance the roses marked by rather long stems.

Rose flower arrangements: How to have perfect roses available

Naturally, to be able to create spectacular compositions visually and able to last, it will be essential to be able to count on healthy roses. Here are some suggestions to grow them according to their needs. The tall flowers need a support to lean on, and around which to develop, so as not to suffer too intense gusts of wind. It is advisable to constantly take care of cleaning, fertilize crops during the development phase (starts in April and ends in August) and eliminate suckers when they appear, especially in summer (suckers are the fragile stems that arise at the base of the stem, and that must be removed to improve flower development). Another useful precaution is to protect the cultivation of roses by placing a layer of straw at the base of the stems, so as to ensure shelter with respect to low temperatures, and to avoid having specimens exposed to the wind. Finally, it is essential to take the utmost care in the fight against insects and parasites. Aphids are the most common and dangerous enemies, and appear as small green insects present on the ends and under the leaves. Instead, if orange dots appear on the leaves, the rose has been attacked by rust: to overcome the problem, a fungicide will suffice.


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