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Resin garden pots

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Resin garden pots: why you should buy them

Resin garden pots represent an increasingly widespread choice in the preparation of green spaces: they, in fact, appear to be suitable for accommodating any type of cultivation in pots, for both aesthetic and practical reasons. From the aesthetic point of view, first of all, the resin is a particularly pleasant, elegant material, able to embellish the overall appearance of the environment in which it is placed: it is not monotonous and monochromatic like plastic, but with shades of different colors. a touch of class to the context in which it is inserted. It can also be said that the resin has all the advantages of terracotta and all the advantages of plastic (the other materials with which vases are usually made), but without the associated disadvantages.

Differences with plastic and terracotta

Take, for example, terracotta: compared to it, the resin is characterized by the same degree of strength and resistance, but at the same time it is much lighter and more manageable. A nice advantage, therefore, especially when it is necessary to move the plants, move them or transfer them (for example during particularly violent rain or hail, or with the arrival of the winter months, when some crops need to be brought to a place closed). On the other hand, terracotta, although equally solid, is also very heavy: which means that to lift a vase made with this material it is necessary to make a considerable effort. Regarding prices, on the market i resin garden pots they are offered at different costs: they range from a few euros to several tens of euros. Of course, the size of the object affects the expense, but also any treatments to which it is subjected during production.
It is worth highlighting another advantage of the resin compared to terracotta: its resistance to shocks and impacts. In short, we all have in mind what happens in the event that an earthenware pot or crock falls to the ground: it goes into a thousand pieces and shatters. The same thing does not happen, however, for the resin, definitely less sensitive to this type of stress and therefore with less risk of suffering damage.


THE resin pots they can be placed either outdoors or indoors: in terms of the breathability of the walls they are in a neutral position, intermediate between the terracotta (which allows the water to transpire considerably) and the plastic (which instead tends to retain it ). This means that it is suitable both for the species that need an environment and a rather humid soil, and for the species that instead prefer a fairly compact substratum and a dry climate: evidently, the habits and maintenance of the plants will have to vary according to of cases.

A modern and essential design with clean lines

Distinguished by an essential and linear design, with simple and modern lines, i resin pots they are appreciated for their clean and modern appearance. The material is completely non-toxic and recyclable. Not to be underestimated, then, is the contained thermal conduction, which prevents sudden changes in temperature (and we know how plants suffer in particular the accentuated temperature excursions). Not only: even in the presence of climatic conditions characterized by very strong sun rays, they are able to retain moisture without difficulty. The resin is resistant not only to knocks and shocks, but also to cold and ice caused by very low temperatures, and to falls. In short, thanks to this material we are not forced every year to change a vase because it is cracked or broken, and therefore cannot maintain the irrigation water. Resin vases, able to withstand temperatures below zero and above eighty degrees without changing their structural characteristics, do not change color in the summer for the sun: built with modern technologies to last, they offer spectacular finishes and decorations . Their lightness means that they can be displayed on terraces and balconies without running the risk of endangering their stability.

Resin garden pots: They are easily cleaned

Finally, it is necessary to highlight the great ease of cleaning: resin vases, containers, containers and flower pots can be easily cleaned without the need for specific products.
If we are undecided between plastic, terracotta and resin, therefore, it is advisable to know that the first is a very light material, therefore easy to move and transport, and economically convenient, but also as not very robust; the second, on the other hand, costs much more, breaks and cracks easily and is rather heavy, but guarantees adequate protection for the plants due to its robustness, and has walls characterized by great breathability; the third, finally, is half way between the first two, with intermediate prices and a strength combined with lightness. We must not forget, then, the solidity that makes it resist shock of any kind (for example a vacuum cleaner that clashes with the vessel when it is cleaned on the ground, a ball, a bicycle that falls). Resin vases are easily found in supermarkets, but also in garden centers and specialized centers, and can be purchased at different prices depending on the characteristics.


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