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Outdoor covers

More and more people love to be outdoors even during the winter with cold and rain, and also thanks to increasingly mild temperatures, obviously if there is adequate coverage to shelter.
The key thing is to make the most of the spaces available to make a quiet, sheltered area that can be used in any season. With the right materials, the appropriate devices and without spending a fortune, you will create a small corner to escape every day.
It is always easier, even for public businesses, to better manage outdoor spaces such as restaurants, bars, pizzerias, thanks to innovative structures and materials and lower costs.
These innovative structures are ideal in every season, both hot and cold: they waterproof the underlying environment, protect them from rain, snow, wind and the sun's rays.
They are simple to install, you invest only once with the materials that last over time, maintenance is practically nil and does not ruin aesthetically nor occupy space outside.
There are various types: the telescopic system, the covering with PVC materials, wooden structures and those in sheet metal.

Cover with telescopic system

The telescopic system can be positioned on any wall or supporting structure because it is particularly light, of minimum bulk and very aesthetically pleasing.
Thanks to its telescopic arms it can be opened or closed with just one simple gesture, really by everyone in any condition, and will extend for its entire length to where it is needed, giving it a stop when desired.
This type of coverage adapts to any environment and need: from a private garden to the needs of a business such as a bar, restaurant or ice cream parlor.
Also the expense is contained.

Cover with pvc materials

The pcv is used as protection from the rain or to shield and darken the sun: this is why the fabric that makes it up must be sturdy and with a certain weight per square meter, also based on the intended use.
The blackout pvc allows you to reject the sun's rays and the aesthetics does not lose them because you can choose various ranges of colors based on the external environment to match.
This type of cover is suitable for gazebos, sliding walls, swimming pools, terraces and guarantees total protection from the sun and any weather conditions, including hail, thanks to a high thermal and acoustic insulation.
Easy to install, it lets the roofs and structures on which it rest breathe, creating a natural thermal barrier.
The costs are rather low.

Wooden cover

This type of roofing is particularly suitable for gazebos that can be of various types, from the most modern to those with minimal lines, to then move on to those in liberty or even country style.
The gazebos can also be placed in small spaces such as a veranda or a domestic garden but they are perfect and spectacular especially in parks or for different uses such as an exhibition, a festival or for small businesses such as an ice cream parlor or a stand.
These structures are always prefabricated in wood which, depending on the needs, change some characteristics, therefore very simple to build and at a competitive price.
In addition, there are also pergolas as wooden roofs, especially suitable for decorating gardens to embellish but also to protect some details of our homes from the elements.
Wooden houses are also very attractive and multi-purpose, which, in their simplicity, solve many needs: they can be used as a garage or as a tool or wood shed, but also to set up a space for a hobby. Many models are available in all sizes including floor and adequate waterproofing.

Outdoor covers: sheet metal roofing

This type of cover has a somewhat more complicated installation and requires special machinery, but the yield is also excellent in terms of aesthetics as well as technical and processing is economical.
The method used to fix this cover is double seaming and is a precision technique where technical knowledge is needed regarding gaskets and pressure adjustments.
Often this cover is used for energy saving, introducing insulation systems, improving the liveability of the underlying spaces.
Thanks to the tinsmithery, rainwater gutters can also be created in materials such as copper, aluminum, steel and pre-painted sheet metal.
Alternative to tinsmithery are the aluminum profiles especially suitable for winter gardens: with this method you can create a clear and transparent ceiling so that you can also pass the sun. Between the interspace that is created between the external glass and the internal structure it is also possible to install photovoltaic systems or solutions to illuminate the best. Even the heat is not dispersed from the roof, while in summer the environment is not overheated.