Why do you recommend?

Why do you recommend?

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Question: why?

because my elm bonsai gives me the sprouts puts the green leaves clear and then you browse continuously as you resume undresses again is so da6mesi I have it for 1 year I immrgo every4 days from October and I fertilize it regularly every month

Answer: why?

Dear Fabiana,
the loss of leaves repeated in a deciduous tree may be due to watering problems, or to excess fertilization; your plant is characterized by a behavior that changes very sensitively depending on the seasons, so it is not possible to find a general cultivation rule to be followed throughout the year. Your intent must be to keep the growing substrate moist; this can mean that in July you will have to water the plant every day, even twice a day if the heat is intense and the rains do not exist; in November, on the other hand, the watering can also be sporadic, or absent, because your plant receives the rain water, the days are short, and the climate is cold, so the elm is in vegetative rest.
Also with regards to the fertilizations, they will be regular from mars to September, then you can suspend them until the following spring.
Now that we are in winter your elm is probably without leaves, and is waiting for the good weather: put it in a sunny, or partially shady, place, cover the vase with the woven fabric and let the rains wet the soil.