How to properly apply Corado against the Colorado potato beetle?

How to properly apply Corado against the Colorado potato beetle?

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Modern manufacturers have developed a huge number of substances and poisons that are distinguished by their ergonomics, effectiveness and individual properties and characteristics.

They are practical in their action. and are distinguished by high rates of pest destruction.

The range of choice is huge, so it is very difficult to choose the right drug that would not only get rid of annoying bugs, but also not harm your health.

In this article you can find out in detail about how corado works against the Colorado potato beetle and how to use it correctly in order to get the maximum effect from its use.

General information

Among the assortment of poisons, it is often difficult to make a choice (what are the best drugs to combat the Colorado potato beetle, we talked about in a separate article, and here you can read about other equally popular and effective means aimed at combating this malicious pest).

So when you are confused and your crop is attacked by pests, buy a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle - Corado.

Its indisputable advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • ease of use;
  • low cost;
  • a wide range of actions (will help you get rid of not only the Colorado potato beetle, but also other kinds of insects that harm garden and garden plants).

Release form and composition

This drug is produced in ampoules of 1, vials of 10 and 25 ml, which contain a concentrated solution that has a peculiar pungent odor.

The vials are made in such a way that the degree of their tightness is maximum, therefore, it is impossible to spill them during transportation. The chemical composition of the preparation: aversectin C. This natural avermectin complex consists of extracts of soil fungi Stereptomyces avermitilis.

Mechanism of action

Both the Colorado potato beetle and aphids adapt perfectly to various poisons, developing immunity to them. These parasites are difficult to exterminate also because the rate of their reproduction outstrips poisoning from poisons.

But Corado is a unique drug, the use of which becomes a guarantee that the number of insects and beetles will be reduced to zero... The effect of the drug will continue throughout the entire harvest season.

It perfectly tolerates a high degree of humidity and sunlight, which is why you can be sure that the drug will not lose its ability to change weather conditions.

2-3 hours after the treatment of plants, the poison enters the nervous system Colorado beetles and acts in such a way that they stop feeding, although they are still quite viable and active, but no longer harm your plants. On the second or third day after spraying, the death of Colorado larvae and adults occurs.

Mode of application

Before you start working with the drug, you need to protect yourself... How to do it:

  • put on safety glasses, special clothing and rubber gloves in order to completely avoid getting poison on your body;
  • in no case use food utensils to prepare the solution;
  • during the processing of plants it is forbidden to eat, smoke, drink liquid, as microparticles of the poison can enter your body.

You can work with the drug in any weather conditions, since it is not afraid of high temperatures, and it is not washed off by rains. Corado must be applied to each bushwithout missing stems or leaves.

Preparation of the solution

To properly prepare the suspension all instructions must be followed exactlyprovided on the packaging by the manufacturer. Let's start the analysis - how to breed Corado from the Colorado potato beetle?.

You will need a five liter bucket (remember that it should not be used for food purposes) and one ampoule of the drug.

Fill a bucket with water at room temperature, add the contents of the ampoule there and mix everything very well... After that, the liquid must be placed in a sprayer or sprayer and you can start processing the plants.

Potato bushes must be processed no later than twenty days before harvest. Torado should not be mixed with other drugs, as it is incompatible, and such actions you will not get rid of pests, but destroy your plants.


After working with the poison from the Colorado potato beetle Corado, you need to perform the following steps:

  • wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water;
  • if the drug gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes with running water for fifteen minutes;
  • if the drug has entered the body, immediately drink two or three glasses of warm water, and then induce vomiting. Then drink a glass of warm water, in which you place the activated charcoal.

These manipulations will help to avoid intoxication of the body.

The drug is very dangerous for the body, since its toxicity class is three.

Work with the solution very carefully, since it can harm not only beetles, but also yourself.

If you feel unwell after treatment, then consult a doctor immediately.

Corado is an effective and versatile insecticide. It helps to get rid of not only the Colorado potato beetles, but also other pests.


The main advantages of the drug Corado can rightfully be considered:

  • profitability;
  • favorable and convenient form of release;
  • ease of use;
  • long-term action.

Corado will help you quickly and cheaply resolve the issue with Colorado beetles. Do not be surprised that the drug is available to everyone. This does not at all characterize the baseness of its quality.

The main goal of the manufacturer is not a high price, but an increase in demand for his drug and an increase in sales. For more than one year, the population of our country has been buying a drug for the Colorado Torado beetles and the choice remains unchanged.

This drug was created with the calculation of our financial capabilities of the population... The result is high efficiency, alongside affordability and efficiency.

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