How to get rid of spider mites on eggplants, tomatoes and peppers?

How to get rid of spider mites on eggplants, tomatoes and peppers?

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Tiny spider mites, which can only be seen under a microscope, can cause colossal damage any cultivated plants.

Among their gastronomic preferences are eggplants, tomatoes and bell peppers... If they grow in a garden or in a greenhouse, they will be the first to suffer from the invasion of mites - vegetarians. How to fight a spider mite, what methods to use?

Consider methods and measures to combat spider mites in greenhouses and on plots. Having found traces of the destructive activity of pests, you should immediately begin to exterminate them. Several methods have been developed that effectively and reliably eliminate tick populations.

Methods and control measures

Cobweb appeared on cultures: what to do?


It consists in the use of various chemicals.

Against ticks can be used acaricides and insectoacaricides.

How to get rid of spider mites with chemicals? Chemical method measures include:

  • spraying plants with working solutions of preparations;
  • fumigation greenhouses and greenhouses by burning chemicals;
  • soil treatment around plants.

Events can be held both individually and in combinations with each other by combining them.


It implies the use of various agents of biological origin. The plus of this method is complete safety for all creatures except ticks. Measures of this method include:

  1. Using natural enemies of ticks - phytophages... These are predatory mites that feed on vegetarians. They effectively reduce the number of colonies without damaging the plant.
  2. Application biologicsthat only harm ticks. After preparing the solution, the plants are sprayed following the instructions.

Purchase predatory mites (phytoseilus and amblyseilus), as well as biological products can be found in almost any specialized store or garden center.


It consists in various measures aimed at creating conditions unfavorable for the existence of a tick. To use it effectively, you need know habits and preferences well pest. Measures include:

  • soil processing;
  • destruction of plant waste;
  • increase in air humidity;
  • planting of plants that repel ticks.

This method does not require financial investments, they are used only physical effort plant breeder.

Spider mite on tomatoes (tomatoes) - photo:


Includes use improvised means for the destruction of pests or scaring away.

It does not require large material and energy costs, however does not guarantee complete disposal from spider mites - vegetarians.

The measures are subdivided into:

  • using food;
  • the use of affordable and cheap medicines, such as iodine and potassium permanganate;
  • spraying infusions and decoctionsmade from various plants.

Fighting spider mites on eggplants, tomatoes and peppers

How to deal with pests? Processing tomatoes, peppers and eggplant generally does not differ from each other... We took into account and described all possible nuances. If you suspect that mites are infesting your vegetables, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Closely examine damaged bushes in search of external lesions... The activity of ticks is evidenced by numerous small light dots on the leaves, Availability thin spiderweb on the inside, "Marble pattern" surfaces. In addition, ticks can be detected using a strong magnifying glass.
  2. Spider mites on eggplants - photo:

  3. Spider mites on eggplants - how to fight? Remove all weeds around the eggplant and burn them to reduce the number spider mites.
  4. Tear off all severely damaged leaves and shoots, not sparing them, since they will fall off on their own anyway. They should be burned immediately.
  5. Spider mite on pepper - how to fight? To cook soap solution from laundry soap with water. Wash all affected plants, if possible, using a sponge. This reduces the number of pests and removes their cobwebs on the leaves, which interferes with the penetration of drugs from ticks. This item can be used only for processing pepper.
  6. Decide which means you will use to treat plants from ticks.
  7. Spider mite on tomatoes - how to fight? Buy the drug and prepare working solution of the selected tool, immediately process all the bushes, following the instructions. For spraying tomatoes and eggplants concentration should be increased 1.5 times. Since they are not exposed to soapy bathing.
  8. After a few days, examine the plants again to assess their condition and the effectiveness of the drug. The appearance of new dots and cobwebs on the leaves indicates ineffectiveness of the drug.

    In this case, it should be replaced by another, choosing a product from another group. For example, if you used biological acaricide, you need to choose a drug chemical origin... To be sure to get rid of the entire population of ticks, treatments should be carried out repeatedly.

  9. If plants are affected in greenhouses, the latter are treated with bleach in a concentration of 2%... In addition, rooms are fumigated by burning briquettes. sulfur.
  10. After getting rid of pests, you should regularly assess the condition of the plants, look for traces of their presence and actively carry out preventive actions to prevent their new invasion.

If you have tried several different products, and the result is negative, professionals should be calledthat will definitely kill ticks and find the true cause of the problem.

Spider mite on peppers - photo:

How to treat plants?


Subdivided into 2 groups:

  1. Acaricides specific. They only work on vegetarian mites and do not work against insects. These include Sunmayt, Omayt 30 and 57, Neoron, Apollo, Borneo, Envidor, Flumite, Nissoran, Antiklesch, Floromite.
  2. Insectoacaricides... They show toxic activity against ticks and insects. Possessing a wide range of effects, they are most often universal. Among them, the most famous and effective Oberon, Actellic.

Biological preparations

Relatively new drugs are insectoacaricides, absolutely safe for people and animals... They can be safely used indoors.

They contain streptomycete fungi and products of their activity, which have neurotoxic properties. These include Akarin, Vertimek, Agravertin, Fitoverm, Aktofit, Kraft, Kleschevit.

Folk remedies

Refer to sparing methods getting rid of ticks are completely harmless to any animals and people. The most popular are infusions of garlic, onion, hot pepper, tobacco, horsetail, dandelion and potato tops... Other drugs and detailed recipes can be found in our article "Folk remedies for combating spider mites."

Diseases that develop when attacked by a pest

The spider mite not only sucks out juices and weakens the plants, but also suffers numerous diseases... First of all, it is gray rotwhich all vegetables are subject to, as well viral diseases.

Eggplant suffer from mosaics - cucumber, tobacco and speckled, columnar, viral necrosis and necrotic spotting. On pepper, thanks to ticks, alfalfa, tobacco and cucumber mosaics, mycoplasmosis (stolbur) can attack. On tomatoes seedlessness (aspermia), several varieties of mosaics, streak, spotted wilting develop.

Eggplant mosaic - photo:


Do not be lazy and neglect preventive measures and the fight against spider mites. Otherwise, you will most likely you will be left without a crop... You can choose a suitable drug using the article "Means of combating spider mites".

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