How to store dried apples so they don't get moths: protection options

How to store dried apples so they don't get moths: protection options

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Dried fruits harvested for the winter have a lot of advantages: they help to save on free space, under certain conditions they can be stored for years, cook compotes all year round and enjoy themselves just like that. You can find more information about how you can dry and how to store dried apples on our website.

But with the advent of food moths in stocks, all the work risk being in vain.

Winged pests lay eggs in cereals, cereals and among dried apples, already from which gluttonous larvae of light pink color hatch. They are the ones who can spoil the drying of the fruitif you neglect the measures of processing and proper storage. How to store dried apples so that moths don't start?

Pest detection

How to understand that a mole has begun to multiply in apples? At the bottom of the containers with dried fruits, you will surely find not only white worms, but also strange light pellets, and silk cocoon footprints... Food moths can multiply in other places besides feeding, and you will find them most often near cabinets or on the walls of the kitchen.

Many tenants often confuse ordinary clothes or fur coat moths with food moths, which, in turn, also have their own subspecies. Most varieties food moth (moth) can be distinguished by the size and pattern on the wings.

So, what a cocoa fire you will recognize by modest dimensions and an even light yellow color.

Wings grain moth when folded, they seem to be divided into two parts - the upper one from the thoracic region to the middle of the wings is light, and the lower one is darker, with a pair of transverse black stripes.

Concerning flour moth, then its wings are brown with large dark areas (from the side of the head and tips of the wings), which are bordered by a white line.

Clothes moth differs in beige color, small size (up to 1 cm), wings tightly pressed to the body and golden or reddish hairs on the head.

How to avoid insects?

How to store dried apples so that moths do not start? In order to secure dried fruits for most problems such as insects, mold and diseases, it is advised to resort to disinfected and sealed packaging.

Paper and cellophane bags for similar purposes undesirable: one small hole or torn corner, and pests can easily get to your products.

In addition, there is no ventilation in plastic bags, condensation will accumulate, which can lead to mold growth.

In this plan the best solution there will be glass jars with tight-fitting lids, thick cloth bags and metal containers. The inner surface of the containers can be covered with wax or any other paper. After the dried fruits have been poured inside, they also need to be covered paper sheet.

As a storage room for the received container, you can choose shaded shelves and wall cabinets. In places where it can accumulate wet air, like the floor, it is better not to leave dried fruits. The room should be regularly ventilated and kept at the optimum temperature. Better if it is space not hotter than + 10 ° С.

A small cup or deep bowl with table salt.

She will absorb unwanted moisturewhile maintaining an unattractive atmosphere for moths.

During storage, once every couple of weeks, you should carefully inspect the contents of bags or cans.

If the apples feel like you sticky, damp and easily bendable, you will have to replace the paper, as well as dry well both dried fruits and containers for them.

Many insects cannot tolerate certain types of odors, which reliably scare them away from the desired food. Among such means, when storing drying from apples, put next to it will help bay leaves, oregano, lavender, acacia.

Also, it will not be superfluous to decompose in the same place. dried lemon peel, tangerine or other citrus fruits. The main thing is to keep them separately, and not inside bags or jars of apples, so that the latter are not saturated with other people's aromas.

It is safe to store the dryer outdoors in fine summer weather. balcony or windowsill... Wrap the dried fruits in wooden boxes or plastic buckets with a clean, dense cloth, like gauze, which would allow fresh air to pass through, but prevent the ingress of dust and insects. About 3-6 layers of gauze are enough for protection.

Never leave in rainy and stuffy weather apples on a closed balcony. Otherwise, the reserves will soften from moisture or rot.

Dried fruit protection

How to keep dried apples from moths? In the event that the moth has already laid many eggs, and the caterpillars have abundantly filled boxes and pantries, experts advise get rid of all edible supplieswhere harmful insects can settle. Among recycling products you will need to betray flour, cereals, grains, instant soups, pasta and all dried fruits.

If the situation is not so dire, apple drying and other supplies can be save by heat treatment... First of all, pour out all the apple slices from the containers, select the spoiled ones, and place the untouched ones on a baking sheet in one layer. Next, preheat the oven to 60-70 ° C and dry all the apples in it for about 20-30 minutes.

The larvae of food moths also cannot stand low temperatures.

If it is not possible to use heating, in the winter season, in the same way, leave all the dried fruits for half an hour on the balcony (-15 ° C and below).

Otherwise, keep the apples on the shelves. refrigerator no more than a day.

Butterflies and food moth larvae love a warm and humid environment (about + 25 ° C and 50% humidity). If it is hot and damp in your house, then raising fireflies will become very laborious task... It is best to thoroughly ventilate all rooms before processing, dry the corners, throw out damp cereals, bread, etc.

It must be remembered that the use chemical means like aerosols for baiting insects - this is only a temporary and additional measure of control. But if you decide to resort to this tool, then treat all surfaces of the cabinets and cabinets.

Observing these are not complicated and sufficient efficient storage rules, you will not only protect your stocks of dried fruits from pests, but also significantly extend their shelf life.

For any storage method, indoor, attic, or balcony, check frequently condition and quality of dried apples, in order to prevent them from damage in time.

Read about the nuances of drying apples at home, on the balcony or on the street, on our website.

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