How to store zucchini in an apartment in winter using a refrigerator correctly?

How to store zucchini in an apartment in winter using a refrigerator correctly?

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In late summer and early autumn, the time for winter harvesting begins. Many people try to prepare zucchini as well, since they are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. What should be done if a rich harvest of melons has ripened in the country? You should not distribute vegetables to friends or relatives, because zucchini is dietary and healthy.

You can cook many delicious and varied dishes from it, including pickles and even sweets. So how to keep zucchini fresh for the winter at home?

Naturally, this is not a root crop, so it cannot lie at home for more than a month or three. And nevertheless, the zucchini will last well until the winter holidays and even a little longer.

Basic Rules

Every year the owners of their own personal plot are faced with the question of storing the resulting crop, especially if they do not have an equipped cellar at their disposal and all supplies are planned to be kept in an apartment (how to store zucchini in a cellar?). After all the vegetables are sorted into those that will be eaten first, and those that will lie for several months, you need to decide on the storage method. Let's figure out how to keep zucchini fresh for the winter at home and where it is best to store them.

Preparation process

First you need to correctly identify the variety, because not all of them can be successfully stored in an apartment. For such wintering, experienced gardeners recommend the following varieties:

  • Winter: "Gribovsky", "Festival", "Golden Cup". They are characterized by a large fruit size, a tight crust and a minimum of seeds in the middle;
  • The "Aeronaut", a cylindrical zucchini, of a dark green color, tolerates well a long term. At the right temperature, it can be stored for up to four months;
  • The varieties "Arlika", "Zheltoplodny" and "Assete" can lie for 3 -3.5 months. Zucchini are rather large, slightly ribbed and with few seeds;
  • "Negretenok" - a zucchini, which is called so because of its black and green hue. Store it for no more than 60 days;
  • "Anchor": has early maturing characteristics and light yellow flesh. One month can lie without loss of nutritional properties;
  • The best varieties of zucchini, suitable for winter storage: "Zolotinka", "Tsyganenok", "Zebra", "Bumblebee", "Aeronaut", "Skvorushka".

Once the most acceptable varieties have been identified, you need to prepare the fruits for storage and find the right place for this. In order for the vegetable to lie for a long time and not begin to rot, it must have a dense crust, on which there are no scratches or scuffs.

Zucchini, intended for winter stock, must be collected from the beds before the first frosts hit... Frozen specimens will begin to rot, even when the fruit is only slightly frozen. This process cannot be stopped.

When cutting the fruit from the bush, a leg is always left, about 5-8 cm long. During storage, it acts as a barrier against fungi and infections from entering the fruit, and also protects the pulp from drying out.

By controlling the condition of the stalk, you can determine how long this or that zucchini can still lie. As soon as it becomes soft, the vegetable needs to be eaten because it will soon start to deteriorate.

Melons designated for storage must not be washed. They simply wipe the dust and earth with a dry cloth. There is no need to put them in plastic bags or wrap them with cloth. Zucchini should only be kept in a well-ventilated room.

Choosing a place

If you are going to store zucchini at home in an apartment, you need to choose a place that is dry and inaccessible to sunlight... This can be the space between furniture and the floor, a pantry, a common corridor, a box at the balcony door. It should definitely be dark, because constant additional lighting will start the process of seed growth inside the zucchini.

What to store?

Vegetables can be stored in an unpainted wooden box. Necessarily in one layer, and being careful not to touch each other... If the box is small, and the space of the apartment is limited, the zucchini must be packed very tightly, but there should be cardboard partitions between them.

Temperature regime

Temperature at the place where the squash is stored should not exceed 10C... If there is no such place in the house or apartment, then the ability of the vegetable to keep quality drops significantly. At room temperature and with the central heating turned on, melons are not stored for more than one month.


If the variety was chosen correctly and all storage features were observed, then the zucchini can lie in an apartment almost until the next sowing season... Zucchini are especially keeping quality. If you want to consume fresh vegetables until spring, then you need to seriously approach the choice of the variety. And be sure to pay attention to the hardness of the crust. But on average, it is recommended to store the fruits for a period of one to four months.

Storage methods

Other ways to store zucchini at home include making canned food. This vegetable makes excellent caviar, pickles and even jam or preserves. But such an idea is useful only if you need to save a large harvest, measured not in pieces, but in tens of kilograms.

During storage, the juicy pulp will acquire a golden yellow hue. This is a completely natural biological process, and it cannot indicate the deterioration of the vegetable. And it does not affect its taste.

If the fruits lasted safe and sound until the beginning of March, then it makes no sense to keep them any longer. As soon as daylight hours become fully large, the seeds will begin to sprout right inside the vegetable, because of this, the pulp will become very bitter and slimy. It is best to grind and freeze them. After washing and cleaning, the seeds must be removed. So the zucchini will lie for several more months.

How to store zucchini in an apartment:

  1. Don't worry zucchini are not capricious and one to two months can lie in almost any conditions;
  2. The correct collection is half the battle. You need to choose only fully ripebut not old fruits. They should have a glossy, dense skin;
  3. You need to cut vegetables from a bush using a pruner and be sure to leave the petiole;
  4. Each zucchini is wiped from dust and earth and exactly one day withers in the sun and air (you can find out simple recipes for sun-dried zucchini for the winter in Korean using an oven and an electric dryer here);
  5. During storage, you need check the crop regularly... Fruits with the first signs of decay are visible on the black or soft petiole. Dents and discoloration found indicate deterioration. You need to immediately remove this vegetable from the common box;
  6. Zucchini must be sprinkled with finely crushed natural chalk, this will protect them from all kinds of fungal diseases. The inventory check should be carried out at least once every 14 days;
  7. Do not take out supplies on a cold winter balcony. Zucchini has a lot of water and fiber, so even with minimal frost, they simply freeze over. When such vegetables are introduced into a warm room, the fruits turn into a slightly edible gruel;
  8. If storage is not planned for a long time, and vegetables are supposed to be eaten within one to two weeks, then a temperature of about 5C is suitable... Usually it is she who is installed for the lower compartments of the refrigerator;
  9. Cut fruits are not stored for more than two days and can only lie in the refrigerator, in a plastic bag.

Cold storage

If you are tormented by the question: "Is it possible to store zucchini in the refrigerator?", Then we hasten to assure you that it is possible, but it is worth considering the following nuances. The standard temperature settings of the refrigerator are fine for a vegetable marrow., but it can be harmed by high humidity, which provokes decay processes and the formation of mold foci. To prevent such an outcome, zucchini in the refrigerator can only be stored in a paper bag.

It is necessary to make several holes in the paper layer so that there is good ventilation. In a special compartment of the refrigerator, designed for vegetables, zucchini can be no more than three weeks.

The fruits can be frozen, they are perfectly and long stored in this form. Technologically, this is very easy to do. Vegetables are washed in hot water, then dried and cut into small slices or cubes. The whole mass is divided into small portions and is laid out in separate airtight bags, which are placed in the freezer.

However, it must be taken into account that subsequent defrosting will somewhat worsen the nutritional quality of vegetables. The zucchini will become soft, so thawed portions are used exclusively for stewing.

Recently, more and more housewives are harvesting zucchini for the winter, pickling, canning them or processing them into jam or preserves. However, in this case, the zucchini completely loses its useful qualities. On our site you will find the most common recipes for dried and dried zucchini.

The way these wonderful vegetables are stored will ultimately have an impact on their nutritional value. Inappropriate humidity and temperature, as well as the proximity to some fruits and vegetables, will certainly lead to an early deterioration of the entire stock, and the surviving fruits will lose most of the trace elements and vitamins. And now you know how to prepare zucchini for the winter at home, and that for the best preservation of the vegetable, all storage conditions must be carefully observed.

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