A tomato that amazes the imagination with its size - the "Miracle of the Garden" variety - description and recommendations

A tomato that amazes the imagination with its size - the

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What varieties of tomatoes are not found on store shelves! Each gardener can choose exactly the one that suits him best.

The choice will be influenced not only by the color and size, but also by how he will use them, because some varieties are intended to be eaten raw, and some are for salting and canning in jars, whole or in crushed form. If the choice has settled on lettuce tomatoes, then you should pay attention to such a tomato variety as "Miracle Garden".

Tomato "Miracle of the garden": description of the variety

Variety nameMiracle of the garden
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period90-110 days
The formRounded
Average weight of tomatoes500-1500 grams
Variety yieldup to 10 kg per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

Miracle Sada is simply a unique variety that was obtained thanks to Siberian breeders. The size of its fruits is simply amazing.

This variety is often a representative at various vegetable exhibitions, where it occupies a leading position due to its qualities and characteristics. One cannot help but love such a tomato, because in addition to its gorgeous taste, its size is striking. So, only one fruit is enough to prepare a salad.

The variety is not very common, but everyone who knows it and has grown it at least once will definitely plant it again.

These tomatoes have a high yield, up to 10 kg of fruits can be harvested from one bush per season.... Bushes are vigorous, up to 1.5 meters high, indeterminate. It can grow both outdoors and in greenhouses.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameYield
Miracle of the gardenup to 10 kg per bush
Crimson sunset14-18 kgs sq.m
Inseparable hearts14-16 kg per square meter
Watermelon4.6-8 kgs sq.m
Giant Crimson10 kg per bush
Black Heart of Delirium5-20 kg per bush
Crimson sunset14-18 kg per square meter
Cosmonaut Volkov15-18 kgs sq.m
Eupatorup to 40 kg per sq.m
Garlic7-8 kg per bush
Golden domes10-13 kgs sq.m

The period from germination to full ripening is approximately 90-110 days. These are giant tomatoes. One ripe fruit weighs at least 500 grams, and the maximum is 1500 grams, but they grow as much as possible only if they are grown in good conditions with sufficient watering and feeding.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Miracle of the garden500-1500 grams
Market King300 grams
Tanya150-170 grams
Gulliver200-800 grams
Peter the First250 grams
Shuttle50-60 grams
Favorite115-140 grams
Kate120-130 grams
Nikola80-200 grams
Golden heart100-200 grams

Fetal characteristics

  • The color of the tomatoes is red.
  • Rounded shape, may be slightly flattened.
  • The pulp is dense, takes up most of the fruit, there are not very many seeds.
  • The skin is not tough, it is easily peeled off if desired.
  • It is worth noting separately the taste, this is a variety with very sweet fruits, even better than some of the sugar representatives.

A photo

Diseases and pests

Only a gardener can protect crops from such a pest as the Colorado potato beetle. To do this, they should be destroyed, as soon as the first insects and larvae appeared on the seedlings, beetles rarely attack adult bushes.

This variety is quite resistant to diseases, but less than hybrid representatives of tomatoes.... Therefore, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatments with special substances.


A small video review of the "Miracle of the Garden" tomato variety, see below:

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