Delicious, unpretentious, beautiful variety of tomato "Chocolate"

Delicious, unpretentious, beautiful variety of tomato

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Tomato variety Chocolate can rightfully be attributed to the most unusual tomato varieties. Due to its characteristics, it has become a favorite among a huge number of gardeners. The homeland of this variety of tomatoes is Russia, and it was bred in the 21st century.

Well, in more detail about these tomatoes you can find out from our article. Read the full and detailed description of the variety, get acquainted with its characteristics and cultivation features.

Tomato "Chocolate": variety description

Variety nameChocolate
general descriptionMid-season determinant hybrid
Ripening period110-115 days
The formRounded flat
ColorRed brown
Average weight of tomatoes200-400 grams
Variety yield10-15 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresNeeds tying and pinching
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

This is a hybrid semi-determinate tomato variety. The height of its powerful bushes ranges from 120 to 150 centimeters. They do not belong to standard ones. These bushes are characterized by medium foliage with dense, medium-sized leaves that have a dark green color. This type of tomato has good disease resistance, and it almost never undergoes apical and root rot. Such tomatoes can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field.

"Chocolate" is a mid-early variety, since from the moment of planting the seeds in the ground to full ripening of the fruit takes from 110 to 115 days.

The main benefits of Chocolate Tomatoes are:

  • Large-fruited.
  • Excellent taste and commercial characteristics.
  • High productivity.
  • Disease resistance.
  • Unpretentiousness.

These tomatoes do not have pronounced negative qualities. This variety is characterized by the formation of intermediate inflorescences, with the first inflorescence being formed after the eighth leaf. Each cluster usually contains 4-5 fruits. From one square meter of planting, usually 10 to 15 kilograms of chocolate tomatoes are harvested.


  • The ripe fruits of this variety of tomatoes are distinguished by a red-brown color of the peel.
  • Their weight ranges from 200 to 400 grams.
  • These tomatoes have a slightly flattened rounded shape.
  • They are characterized by a fleshy consistency with an average dry matter content.
  • You can find at least four nests in each tomato.
  • The fruit has an excellent sweet taste.
  • These tomatoes are not intended for long-term storage.

The main way to eat this type of tomato is to prepare fresh vegetable salads, but they can also be used for juicing and preservation.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Chocolate200-400 grams
Podsinsky miracle150-300 grams
Yusupovsky500-600 grams
Polbig100-130 grams
The president250-300 grams
Pink Lady230-280 grams
Bella Rosa180-220 grams
Countryman60-80 grams
Red Guard230 gram
Crimson ringing150 grams

Growing recommendations

Chocolate tomato can be grown in all regions of the Russian Federation. Planting grown seedlings of Chocolate tomatoes to a permanent place is carried out in the middle or at the end of May. It is best to form plants in two or three stems. "Chocolate" tomato needs tying and pinching.

The main measures for caring for these tomatoes are irrigation every night with settled warm water, the introduction of complex fertilizers, as well as loosening and weeding of the soil.

There are a huge number of ways to grow tomato seedlings. We bring to your attention a series of articles on how to do this:

  • in twists;
  • in two roots;
  • in peat tablets;
  • without picking;
  • on Chinese technology;
  • in bottles;
  • in peat pots;
  • without land.

Diseases and pests

Chocolate tomato is characterized by high resistance to diseases, but if you still have to deal with them, you can save the plants with the help of fungicidal preparations. And timely treatment with insecticides will save them from damage by pests.

Due to its unpretentiousness and high yield, the Chocolate tomato has become very popular among vegetable growers. If you want to get a rich harvest of exclusive tomatoes, plant it in your summer cottage.

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