January 2012

January 2012

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19-20 January 2012 Verona

TecnoGiardino is the show that deals with the presentation of systems, projects and equipment dedicated to the processing and construction of the garden.
As part of TecnoGiardino, ideas and training are developed for all employees who carry out their own and dependent activities in the field of construction and realization of public and private green areas; for them there is also a training session of professional refresher courses on different topics such as: irrigation systems, pruning systems, sowing and care of grass lawns etc.

January 2012: 26-29 January 2012 Milan

Macef, the International Home Show, is proposed in January at the new fairgrounds with a large exhibition project.
Exclusive events for the community of everything that makes a home and a wide range of merchandise for all the needs and interpretations of living, in constant change and innovation: objects, furnishing accessories, gifts, decorations and much more.


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