Commander among insecticides! Kombat means from cockroaches

Commander among insecticides! Kombat means from cockroaches

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When choosing a drug for cockroaches, take into account how convenient it is for home use and how safe it is for the health of residents.

The battalion commander has proven himself from the best side.

Let's talk about what it is, how it differs from other insecticides and how to use it correctly.

Description of the tool

The name of the insecticidal preparation means "battle", which is very encouraging in the fight against parasites in the house. Products under the brand name Combat produced by the well-known company Henkel, which increases consumer confidence. The drug is available on the market in various forms. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cockroach traps

Traps are the most popular... There is nothing new in their design and principle of operation. An alluring and very appetizing aroma for cockroaches attracts attention. Indiscriminate insects try bait... The poison enters the body and poisons the parasite.

Traps suitable for prophylaxis and effective against a small number of insects... This is their minus. And the plus is that they absolutely do not interfere with the usual lifestyle of the residentsare completely safe for the human body. The low toxicity of the product is safe for pets, even if they decide to try an insecticide.

IMPORTANT: Cockroaches are literally omnivorous. Therefore, poisoning them will not be difficult. They are known to even eat up dead skin cells while a person sleeps.

The remedy for cockroaches works on the principle of a chain reaction. Cockroaches poison themselves and manage to poison their relatives... The traps look neat and the colors of the containers are painted in laminate shades.

Aerosol and spray from cockroaches Kombat

For instant action it is better to choose aerosols... They are more toxic, but save you from parasites in a matter of minutes. Aerosols are suitable for severe cockroach infestations.

For example, if you moved into an apartment where insects are a dime a dozen, immediately run to the nearest store behind Kombat from cockroaches and, without unpacking things, poison the parasites.

There are several types of aerosols:

  • Combat Multispray was developed as a universal remedy for all crawling and flying insects.
  • Combat SuperSpray is not inferior in efficiency. In addition, it has a flexible spray nozzle. It allows you to freely reach and destroy cockroaches in hard-to-reach places.
  • Combat SuperSpray Plus - modification of the previous drug. Not particularly different.

An important advantage of the Combat is that it has a disinfecting effect and saves from infections that uninvited guests could bring with them.

IMPORTANT: Aerosols can be safely processed upholstered furniture. No stains remain on the upholstery.

In addition to toxicity, there is one more disadvantage - the aerosol does not affect the eggs already laid.

Insect gel

Gel composition Combat SuperGel looks like poison in traps. It is immediately sold packaged. It is convenient to get to the narrowest gap with a syringe-shaped tube. Gels are convenient because they can be applied anywhere.

They also benefit in terms of duration. Insecticidal substances in the composition continue to keep order in the house for up to 9 months... And if you stick to cleanliness, then cockroaches will stop visiting you.

Gels do not have a pungent odor, safe for people and pets... The use of a remedy for cockroaches does not require evacuation from the house.

Application features

Combat is used depending on the form. It is advisable to use a respirator for aerosol. Especially if the room is carefully processed. It is better to temporarily evict the rest of the tenants from the house.

IMPORTANT: Cockroaches are carriers of infection. And given that they do not disdain their habitat at all, their appearance in the house is dangerous to health.

Traps are not only non-toxic, but also odorless. The container with the poison is supplemented with an adhesive element. The manufacturer claims that they can be fixed even next to dishes and food.

Average drug price

You can buy Combat today in any household chemicals store, in specialized outlets, in the market and even in an ordinary supermarket.

  • Combat Super Spray is worth up to 500 rubles... In a bottle of 500 ml.
  • Combat Multi Spray with a volume of 400 ml is sold at a price of 350 rubles.
  • The same volume and Combat Super Spray Plus... Price from 470 rubles.
  • Trapand are sold in 4, 6 or 12 containers per pack. Price from 300 rubles and higher depending on the quantity.

In case of severe infection, you can combine different variants of the Combat tool. For example, start with an aerosol and then set traps or apply gel. This will help avoid re-infection.

We also offer you to get acquainted with other remedies for cockroaches: Dohlox, Executioner, Regent, Karbofos, Fas, Globol, Forsyth, Mashenka, Get, Raptor, Cucaracha, Raid, Clean House.

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