Several ways to create a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands.

Several ways to create a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands.

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Growing such a heat-loving vegetable as a cucumber in a summer cottage requires the creation of optimal conditions for it.

The largest yields can be obtained using greenhouses for keeping cucumbers.

Technical requirements

A greenhouse for cucumbers should provide function of providing the vegetable with warmth for growth and development. Therefore, the structure should be of small height, since in these conditions it is easier to heat it.

At the same time, he must ohprovide the plant with fresh air, which means that it should be as ventilated as possible during the daytime. It is preferable to choose structures that will be as open as possible during the day.

Thus, the structure should provide maximum warmth for plants at night, and be open and ventilated during the day when the air temperature allows it. If the daytime temperature is less than that required by the cultivation technique, in it ventilation openings must be provided.

Design options

The answer to the question: how to make (build) a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands? not so simple. There are many different options. Greenhouses for cucumbers by design features are not difficult. Any frame is based onmounted on a box or placed directly on the ground. The main condition for the top coat is maximum light transmission, since this the vegetable is extremely demanding on access to sunlight.

ATTENTION! There are a lot of ready-made structures made in an industrial way.

But at the same time, it is quite possible to build a greenhouse for cucumbers on your own from scrap materials. The most popular and at the same time easy to manufacture are the following designs:

Arc greenhouse

Its frame is made of arcs fixed directly in the soil or at the base of a wooden box. Greenhouse arches can be metal or plastic.

The advantage of arc greenhouses for cucumbers is their mobility. This is especially important for maintaining crop rotation, since the construction of stationary structures requires an annual replacement of the soil inside it. This is the most common homemade greenhouse for cucumbers to make.

In fact, an arc greenhouse is a tunnel made of a frame covered with a film or covering material. The material for making arcs must be strong and at the same time capable of taking the desired shape. In this regard, the following arcs are the most suitable for the construction of a greenhouse for cucumbers:

  1. Metallic... Installed directly into the soil. They are strong and durable.
  2. Plastic. They are made on the basis of plastic pipes fixed in the soil with pegs.

Arcs for strength structures are held together horizontal slats or wire... If the length of the tunnel is significant, it is recommended to install a vertical support under the first and last arc. A polyethylene film or non-woven material is used as a covering.

IMPORTANT! At the beginning of the season, it is recommended to use a film to quickly warm up the soil under it. As the cucumbers grow, when the air temperature becomes relatively stable, the film is replaced with non-woven material.


Here you see a photo of a greenhouse for cucumbers made on the basis of a wooden frame with your own hands:

Manufactured from boards or bars in the form of a box. The roof of such a greenhouse can be made flat, pitched or gable. Coating perform from old window frames, or frames made of strips covered with foil.

In this video, you can see another simple version of a greenhouse for cucumbers made of slats and film:


Differs from the above models strength and durability. If the film and non-woven coating requires periodic replacement, then the polycarbonate surface has been used for years. In addition, such a coating is frost-resistant, therefore such a greenhouse does not require annual disassembly for the winter.

Polycarbonate provides maximum access to light for plants and at the same time does not allow direct sunlight to burn the leaves. Such greenhouses are the warmest, since the material has air gaps that help retain heat inside.

Manufacturing instructions

Unlike the simplest arc and wooden greenhouses, some designs require some skill in manufacturing.


A do-it-yourself greenhouse for cucumbers made of polycarbonate is made on the basis of a frame to which sheets of material are attached. The choice of material for the base must be especially careful. If the frame is made of simple metal, you will face the problem of corrosion. Such a base requires periodic processing, and as a result, it will soon fail. It is preferable to select a galvanized profile for the manufacture of the frame, although this will somewhat increase the cost of the greenhouse.

A relatively cheap frame is made of wood. But the term of its use is no more than five years, then the tree will simply rot. But if you use special protective equipment, the service life can be increased significantly.

They begin to build a polycarbonate greenhouse from a foundation or a base from a bar. In the first case, the greenhouse will be stationary; in the second, you can move it to any place on your site.

The foundation is made in a rectangular shape according to the desired dimensions. Waterproofing is carried out with roofing material. A beam is strengthened on the foundation and fastened with self-tapping screws.

The greenhouse roof is made of gable, based on 20X40 beams. When performing a slope at an angle of 300, a slope length of half a meter is formed, and the total height of the greenhouse will be 1.25 m.

Further, cellular polycarbonate is attached to the sides of the resulting frame. At the end, the roof is covered with plastic wrap, preferably air-bubble or reinforced. The entire structure is secured with self-tapping screws.

IMPORTANT! In order to avoid cracking of polycarbonate during installation, it is necessary to put aluminum washers under the self-tapping screws.

Alternatively, the roof of the greenhouse can be single-pitched. Also in it you can cover the surface with polycarbonate sheets, with the obligatory installation of opening vents.

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Recently, in summer cottages, you can increasingly find pyramidal greenhouses for do-it-yourself cucumbers. They are not only a warm home for plants, but also serve as a kind of decoration for vegetable gardens. In addition, scientists are increasingly talking about the harmonizing effect of such buildings on a person.

Such a greenhouse has a lot of advantages:

  1. For construction it is necessary minimum material.
  2. Even an inexperienced person can build it.
  3. Plants in this design maximally illuminated.
  4. Wall tilt angle prevents overheating vegetables inside due to the reflection of the sun's rays.
  5. In such a greenhouse easy to maintain the required humidity level and provide ventilation due to the special movement of air inside the greenhouse space.

For cucumbers greenhouse-pyramid is the best place to growas they can be grown creeping on the ground and do not need tall walls.

The greenhouse is based on a base with a diagonal of 2 meters, each side will be 142 cm.A perforated pipe with a height of 320 cm is dug into the center of the structure.A pipe with a diameter of 20 cm is dug in to a depth of 40-50 cm. Alternatively, a 50X50 cm bar is used instead of a pipe.

Then we build the base in the form of a polygon, with triangular side faces.

Bars 50 cm high are installed around the perimeter, and the base is nailed to them. The door to the greenhouse is being constructed from the south.

We attach 4 beams to the constructed base, this will be the frame of the pyramid. We connect these bars at the top point.

For fastening the film or polycarbonate, additional bars are attached across these bars.

Then we sheathe the entire structure with polycarbonate, foil or thick covering material.

IMPORTANT! It is better to use a reinforced film, since the usual one will quickly fail and will need to be replaced.

At the very top pyramids, at a distance of 15 cm from the top, should leave a vent... A cap is made for it, which is put on the greenhouse in spring and removed in summer. This will ensure optimal air access for the plants.

There are many options for building greenhouses for cucumbers at their summer cottage. Everyone can choose an acceptable design for themselves. The main condition is to create favorable conditions for obtaining a large harvest of cucumbers.

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