What do bedbug bites look like on human skin: signs, sizes, symptoms, photos

What do bedbug bites look like on human skin: signs, sizes, symptoms, photos

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Bedbug bites are absolutely painless, since the insect, biting into the human body, simultaneously injects an anesthetic.

They are found on the body after the insect has sucked blood and calmly removed. That is why many cannot understand for a long time that spots on the body are a consequence of the appearance of bloodsucking pests in the house.

Therefore, the topic of our article today is bed bugs: bites, symptoms, photos. Consider what bed bug bites look like on a person with a photo.

What do bedbug bites look like on humans? A photo

Often their confused with woundscaused by other insects. Bed bug bite symptoms:

  • The bug feeds in one place, so the damaged areaslocated closely to each other or in the form of a characteristic track.
  • At the sites of damage small scars, edema appear.
  • When he bites, he injects saliva, so the place, damaged by it unbearably itches... This phenomenon is a consequence of allergies.
  • Small specks of blood are observed on the bed in the morning.
  • The lesions grow gradually. If a person has a tendency to allergies, the rash will go away for a long time.

You can distinguish a furniture bug bite from damage caused by other insects by location. The sizes are also different.

Typically, there are 3 to 5 punctures at a 4 cm distance. In contrast, flea bites look like small dots randomly scattered throughout the body.

Mosquito marks are less delineated and blisters from them are pale, inflate only with vigorous combing.

Here you can visually examine bedbug bites: the photo on human skin is below:

Bed bug: photo of bites

When and where do they bite?

These bloodsuckers begin to act exclusively at nightbecause they are afraid of bright light. Therefore, in the daytime and when the light is on, they prefer to hide in places inaccessible to the eye, but as soon as night falls, they begin to eat. But if no one slept in the room at night for a long time, hungry pests can attack a person even during the day, but this phenomenon is rare.

These insects prefer to act on open areas of the body... They are not able to bite through clothing, so they only suck blood in unprotected areas. Bite marks can be seen on the arms, legs, neck, back. Therefore, it is precisely this localization of spots that signals that these insects have bitten you.

Whose blood do they prefer?

Exactly human blood - the main nutrient of these insects. Moreover, unprotected human skin is easily bitten by their sharp proboscis.

Why do bedbugs bite some and not others? They especially love delicate female and rather thin baby skin. Even spouses sleeping in the same bed can get up in the morning with a different number of footprints. The woman will definitely suffer more from the attack of the bloodsuckers. This is why they do not bite everyone in the family.

Living in apartments cats, dogs bugs can also bite, but only if there are no people around for a long time. The skin of animals is rather rough, it is difficult to bite through it.

In addition, human skin attracts bloodsuckers, and the smell of animals scares them off, possibly due to the presence of wool.

Birds are often attacked by insects, for example, parrots and canaries.

How to distinguish from an allergic reaction?

Bloodsucker salivaoften causes allergies... In this case, large swelling and persistent redness appear.

But it is quite possible to mistake an allergic rash for bites. Bites stay on the skin longer and itch more. Allergic rashes are arranged randomly, and bugs bite most often in the form of paths or clearly defined islets.

If spots and rashes suddenly appear on the skin, remember what new foods you consumed the day before. You may have eaten a lot of sweets. Some fabrics can also be allergic if you recently purchased a new wardrobe item.

Consequences of bedbug bites

The saliva of these insects can cause an allergic reaction. There are cases of occurrence anaphylactic shock, nausea, or dizziness in people who are especially sensitive or prone to allergic reactions. But such reactions are quite rare.

It is believed that bedbugs can be carriers of infectious diseases.

In addition, constant contact with them at night causes psychological trauma. The person does not get enough sleep, becomes irritable.

Discomfort is also caused by the appearance of the skin affected by insects. Constantly itchy lesions begin to scratch. There is a risk of infection in the wounds, then inflammation and even suppuration may appear in these places. It is very important to properly handle these areas.

Thus, today we looked at home bugs, photos of bites and their symptoms. How human bugs bite - you can see the photo above. This phenomenon is very unpleasant and even quite dangerous. Therefore, at the first sign, you need to get rid of them in your own home as soon as possible. This can be done using special tools, such as: Clean House, Get, Forsyth, Raid, Raptor, Kombat, Executioner, Tetrix, Tsifox, Cucaracha, Karbofos, Mashenka, etc.

You can also use folk remedies like vinegar.

Or call a special service, whose employees will quickly and efficiently deal with the problem.

Comment of the doctor of the clinic "Moscow Doctor" about the allergic reaction:

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