We find out if bedbugs can live in clothes: where they come from, which one they prefer, how to get it out

We find out if bedbugs can live in clothes: where they come from, which one they prefer, how to get it out

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Bed bugs traditionally live in bed and upholstered furniture. They are inhabited by bed bugs.

However, with a significant amount in the house, they can move into the folds of your clothes.

In addition, you can bring these pests into your apartment with your clothes on. And this is not the only way where bed bugs come from in the house.

Can bedbugs live in clothes?

Bedbugs prefer settle in places where the temperature is constant and there is access to the human body... Insects that feed on human blood once a week prefer to do it at night when they sleep. During the day, they prefer to sit in the deep folds of the fabric of mattresses or upholstered furniture.

But when there are too many insects, they have to get out during the day and look for new habitats and food sources. So insects get on a person's everyday clothes and can move to a new place with it.

They can move to things even in the event that if the wardrobe is located next to the bed... In a dark and warm wardrobe, they find a safe haven. There, bedbugs easily crawl onto objects, preferring those that have recently been in contact with the human body.

Thus, you can bring bloodsuckers to your home from the hotel, or by visiting any house. You can pick them up on a trip to nature, where they will move to humans from warm-blooded animals. Some time after the trip, you may suddenly find that your home is infected.

Once in your home, insects will quickly populate the secluded corners of your home and multiply in them at an incredible speed.

The appearance of bloodsuckers

Bed bugs are small insects 3-8 mm in length... Most often they Brown color - from light to dark. After the blood is pumped, they become reddish or black. The lifespan of an individual is one year.... The female is able to lay up to 500 eggs and many new specimens hatch from them in 40 days.

With a lack of food, they can hibernate and come out of it when favorable conditions occur. When decreasing temperatures down to minus 15, the insect dies... The bug emits a characteristic odor when crushed.

Bed bugs - insect photos:

Which one do they like?

Insects prefer models with multiple seamsin which you can easily hide. They are especially likely to settle in pajamas, home clothes, underwear, since it is on them that body odor remains the most. If you notice small brownish spots on things, it means that they live on it.

INTERESTING! Can bedbugs bite through clothing? No, their mouthpieces are not that powerful for that. Although their bites are unpleasant, especially in children.

And here insects do not like fur productsbecause their paws cannot catch on the fur and they are not able to move on it. In addition, fur models have insufficient contact with the body, so there is nothing for pests to do there.

How to get rid of bedbugs in clothes?

If you find signs of their appearance in clothes, you must immediately take measures to destroy them.

In ancient times, bloodsuckers were disposed of with the help of kerosene, turpentine, naphthalene.

Modern science has provided humans with more effective insect-killing chemicals.

How to treat clothes from bedbugs? Having found them, it is recommended to take the following actions:

  1. Hang clothes out in the sun or frost, since bedbugs are afraid of bright light and die at a temperature of 15-20 degrees.
  2. Can wash things at hot, more than 50 degrees, temperature... This technique will help destroy adults and their eggs.
  3. Insects do not tolerate strong odors, so it can help treatment of objects with alcohol denatured alcohol followed by washing.
  4. An effective method of destruction is fabric steamer.
  5. Folk remedies the fight against bedbugs are strong - smelling substances: turpentine, ammonia, vinegar.
  6. The pest will surely die in the dryer, not withstanding the high temperature.
  7. You can put all the contaminated items in a bag, put it in your car, and put the vehicle in the sun. The temperature inside the cabin will rise to a critical one, at which the bloodsuckers will certainly die.

IMPORTANT! If you find bedbugs in your clothes, it is more advisable to process the bed and upholstered furniture. Insects may have already crawled onto pieces of furniture and can multiply very quickly there. Also process the wardrobe in which the items were hanging.

Features of the use of chemical insecticides

The industry produces a variety of remedies for blood-sucking insects. Fabrics can be treated with aerosols Karbozol, Perfos-P, Raptor, Reid, Clean House, Combat.

When using them, you need to follow some rules:

  • Process away from food, it is better to do it on the street or balcony.
  • Preferably before spraying clothes wear a mask to protect the respiratory tract.
  • After the effect of the drug has ended (see instructions), wash the treated item if possible.

The bug is a creature that multiplies quickly and is surprisingly tenacious, therefore, processing for its destruction must be carried out as carefully as possible and at the very first detection. Today we answered the following questions: do bedbugs live in clothes and how to get them out of there?

Helpful! If you nevertheless brought parasites and infected the whole house, then the following means will help you: Executioner, Karbofos, Get, Tetrix. In case of severe infections, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

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