Healthy and tasty tomato "Gift of the Trans-Volga Pink" in domestic beds

Healthy and tasty tomato

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Pink-fruited tomatoes are always a success. They are tasty, fleshy, distinguished by a delicate aroma and attractive appearance. These are the "Gifts of the Volga" variety. Compact plants are unpretentious, resistant to diseases and are quite suitable for novice gardeners.

In the article, we will tell you about all the nuances that you will have to face when growing and caring for this plant, as well as the scale of the harvest that awaits you.

Tomatoes Dar Zavolzhya: variety description

Variety nameGift of the Volga region
general descriptionMid-season determinant variety
Ripening period110-115 days
The formRounded with light ribbing
Average weight of tomatoes75-110 grams
ApplicationSalad variety
Variety yield5-7 kg per square meter
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to most diseases

"Gift of the Zavolzhya pink" is a medium-early high-yielding variety. Determinate bush, non-standard, moderately leafy. The height of an adult plant is 50-70 cm. The leaves are medium-sized, simple, light green.

Fruits ripen in clusters of 4-6 pieces. The yield is good, with 1 sq. m. plantings can be removed about 5-7 kg of selected tomatoes, which is quite enough for a business of growing tomatoes in a greenhouse.

Medium-sized fruits weighing from 75 to 110 g... The shape is round, with a pronounced ribbing at the stalk. The color of ripe tomatoes is deep pink. The pulp is juicy, moderately dense, fleshy, sugar-rich at the break. The number of seed chambers varies from 3 to 6. The skin is thin, dull, protecting the fruit from cracking.

The taste is very pleasant, balanced, sweet, without wateriness. The high sugar content makes it possible to recommend tomatoes for baby food. The dry matter content in the juice is more than 5%. The fruits are rich in amino acids, mineral salts, lycopene and beta-carotene.

And you can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with other varieties in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Gift of the Volga region Pink75-110 grams
Grapefruit600-1000 grams
Lazy300-400 grams
Andromeda70-300 grams
Mazarin300-600 grams
Shuttle50-60 grams
Yamal110-115 grams
Kate120-130 grams
Early love85-95 grams
Black moor50 grams


Tomato variety "Pink Dar Zavolzhya" was bred by Russian breeders, zoned for regions with a temperate climate. The variety showed a good yield in the Central Black Earth, Central, North Caucasian, Lower Volga districts.

It is recommended to grow in open beds or under a film; in the northern regions, planting in a greenhouse is practiced. Tomatoes are well stored, suitable for transportation. The variety is excellent for commercial cultivation and sale. The fruits can be picked green and ripen successfully at room temperature.

Fruits of the variety "Dar Zavolzhya pink" are of the salad type. They are delicious fresh and are suitable for making appetizers, side dishes, soups, sauces, mashed potatoes and pastas. Ripe tomatoes produce a delicious thick juice of a pleasant pink color. Tomatoes can be preserved: pickled, salted, included in assorted vegetables.

Pink tomatoes are suitable for people who cannot tolerate traditional red fruits due to allergic reactions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • early amicable ripening;
  • high palatability of fruits;
  • good productivity;
  • lined tomatoes are good for sale;
  • ripe tomatoes do not crack or deform;
  • resistance to major diseases.

There are practically no disadvantages of the variety. Successful fruiting requires frequent feeding and careful watering.

And you can compare its yield with other varieties in the table:

Variety nameYield
Gift of the Volga region Pink5-7 kg per square meter
Tanya4.5-5 kg ​​per square meter
Alpatieva 905 A2 kg per bush
Dimensionless6-7.5 kg per bush
Pink honey6 kg per bush
Ultra-ripe5 kg per square meter
Riddle20-22 kg per square meter
Miracle of the earth12-20 kg per square meter
Honey cream4 kgs sq.m
Red dome17 kg per square meter
King of the early10-12 kgs sq.m

Growing features

Tomatoes of the Dar Zavolzhya variety can be grown in a seedling or non-seedling way. For seedlings, seeds are sown in the second half of March. Pretreatment with a growth stimulant or freshly squeezed aloe juice is recommended. Seedling soil is made up of a mixture of garden soil with humus or peat. A small portion of washed river sand will help to lighten the substrate; you can make it more nutritious by adding wood ash or superphosphate.

Seeds are sown with minimal burial, sprinkled with peat and sprayed with water. The container with crops is placed in the heat until germination. Young tomatoes are placed on the south window sill or under fluorescent lamps. Water them in moderation, only with warm water. After the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings dive.

Young plants are fed with liquid complex fertilizer. The second feeding will take place immediately before planting for permanent residence. At the age of 30 days, the seedlings are hardened, taking them out into the fresh air, first for several hours, and then for the whole day. Transplanting to the beds begins in the second half of May and early June, when the soil is completely warmed up. For 1 sq. you can place 3-4 bushes.

It is advisable to plant tomatoes in the ground, which was occupied by legumes, cabbage, carrots or lettuce. You can not use the beds on which the nightshade grew: other varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers. Before planting, the land is carefully loosened and fertilized with a generous portion of humus. It is recommended to cover young tomatoes after transplanting with foil. Water the plants sparingly, waiting for the topsoil to dry out. Only warm soft water is used; cold plants can shed their ovaries.

Tomatoes are fed every 2 weeks, alternating mineral complexes and organic fertilizers (diluted mullein or bird droppings). After flowering, nitrogen-containing complexes are not used, replacing them with compositions with a predominance of potassium and phosphorus. Once a season, foliar feeding is carried out with an aqueous solution of superphosphate.

Compact bushes do not need shaping, but the lower leaves can be removed for better sun and air access to the fruit. It is recommended to tie heavy branches with fruits to a support. We will tell you about the methods of garter tomatoes in the greenhouse here.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes "Pink Dar Zavolzhya" are resistant to many typical diseases of the nightshade. They are not afraid of tobacco mosaic, fusarium or verticillary wilting, leaf spot. Tomatoes are protected from late blight epidemic by early ripening. For prophylaxis, treatment with medicinal preparations is recommended. It is also useful to spill the soil with an aqueous solution of copper sulfate before planting seedlings.

Young plants are regularly sprayed with phytosporin or a weak solution of potassium permanganate... Insect pests are destroyed with industrial insecticides. They are irreplaceable in case of injury by thrips, whitefly, spider mites.

Landings are processed 2-3 times with an interval of several days. Instead of toxic compounds, you can use a decoction of celandine or onion peels. An aqueous solution of ammonia helps with naked slugs. Aphids can be washed off with warm, soapy water. Large larvae and adult insects are collected by hand and destroyed.

Tomato variety "Rose Zavolzhya" is an excellent choice for private households. Amicable ripening of fruits and bushes that do not require formation make it suitable even for very busy gardeners. Minimal care guarantees a bountiful harvest, the seeds for subsequent plantings can be harvested by yourself.

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