Striped tomato "Watermelon": description, characteristics of a unique variety and photo

Striped tomato

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A tomato variety with a rather interesting name - Watermelon. Without a doubt, it will be of interest to gardeners who like to grow unusual and original tomatoes on their plots.

Farmers will be interested in the possibility of growing large tomatoes, because when planted in a greenhouse, fruits weighing more than half a kilogram are marked.

Tomato "Watermelon": variety description

Variety nameWatermelon
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period107-113 days
The formRounded, flattened at the stalk, well pronounced ribbing
ColorDark red with a transition to brown
Average weight of tomatoes145-165 grams
ApplicationSalad variety
Variety yield4.8-6 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

The Watermelon variety is included in the State Register for Russia. It is recommended to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. Planting seedlings in open ground is possible only in the south of Russia. Tomato is of medium early ripening. The first tomatoes of an unusual color can be removed 107-113 days after planting seeds for seedlings. The bush of the plant is of an indeterminate type, grows up to 190-210 centimeters.

The number of leaves is above the average number of the usual tomato shape, dark green in color. The name of the variety was given for the appearance of the tomato at the ripening stage. The striped coloring of the tomatoes is noticeable. As well as on the cut of a watermelon, the bones are clearly visible, on the cut of tomatoes, seeds stand out.

The best yield result is shown when the bush is formed with one stem, with the obligatory garter to the support. It is desirable to remove the leaves below the bud of the first cluster of mature fruits. This enhances the airing of the soil in the hole, prevents diseases from developing in conditions of high humidity.

Tomato variety "Watermelon" is characterized by a long fruiting period, according to many reviews received from gardeners, has a fairly high resistance to late blight and fungal infections of tomatoes.


The country of origin of the variety is Russia. The shape of the fruit is a round shape, flattened at the stalk, the ribbing of tomatoes is well pronounced. Color - dark red with a transition to brown shades, on the cut the flesh is red with spots of dark brown shades, a small spot at the stalk is well pronounced.

The average weight of tomatoes is 145-165 grams, with good care, tomatoes weighing 500-550 grams grow... Application - salad dressing, collect very carefully, fruits tend to crack.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Watermelon145-165 grams
King of Beauty280-320 grams
Pink honey600-800 grams
Honey saved200-600 grams
King of Siberia400-700 grams
Petrusha the gardener180-200 grams
Banana orange100g
Banana feet60-110 grams
Striped chocolate500-1000 grams
Big Mama200-400 grams
Ultra-early maturing F1100g

Productivity - 2.2-2.5 kilograms per bush, 4.8-6.0 kilograms per square meter when planting no more than 3 bushes on it. Marketable condition. Good appearance of fresh tomatoes, low preservation during transportation, cracking of fruits is possible.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Watermelon4.8-6 kg per square meter
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Bobcat4-6 kg per square meter
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Banana red3 kg per bush
Russian size7-8 kg per square meter
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
Broody10-11 kg per square meter
King of Kings5 kg per bush
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Bella Rosa5-7 kg per square meter

A photo

You can visually familiarize yourself with the variety of tomatoes "Watermelon" in the photo below:

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the variety include:

  • unique appearance;
  • excellent taste of ripe tomatoes;
  • long-term fruiting.


  • the need to tie up bushes;
  • relative weakness of the fruit, tendency to cracking.

Growing features

There are no special secrets in cultivation. Like any other varieties, top dressing is required, periodic loosening of the soil in the hole, watering with warm water. Gardeners note the exactingness of the Watermelon variety to soils. Neutral or slightly acidic earth is required.

The gardeners who grew this variety note its excellent taste, little demand for care, a fairly good harvest and, most importantly, long-term (almost until frost) fruiting.

You can get acquainted with other varieties of tomatoes with different ripening periods in the table:

Medium earlyMid-seasonSuper early
TorbayBanana feetAlpha
Golden kingStriped chocolatePink Impression
King LondonMarshmallow in chocolateGolden stream
Pink BushRosemaryThe miracle of the lazy
FlamingoGina TSTSalting miracle
The mystery of natureCow heartSanka
New KonigsbergRomaLocomotive

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