How to choose a remedy for cockroaches in an apartment: what insects are afraid of, what helps today, a review of popular brands

How to choose a remedy for cockroaches in an apartment: what insects are afraid of, what helps today, a review of popular brands

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Cockroaches in the house are indicators and a source of unsanitary conditions. They carry infections and even bite people. It has been noticed that parasites can eat up keratinized areas of the skin on the human body while he is sleeping. Agree, not a very pleasant discovery.

Omnivorous parasites feed on more than crumbs, sugar and other food debris. They even like paper.

A sufficient amount of moisture provides insects with soil in flowerpots. They are in a hurry to get rid of the unpleasant neighborhood by means of modern chemicals and proven folk remedies.

Remedies for cockroaches in an apartment at home

Let's take a closer look at what cockroaches in an apartment are afraid of and how to poison cockroaches in an apartment on our own?

Sprays and aerosols

This is a real "ambulance" in the fight against cockroaches. Active chemical compounds in the composition of drugs able to poison parasites instantly... It is enough to spray the spray in the direction of the greatest accumulation of insects.

For home use it is best to choose drugs with low toxicity... The absence of smell is also important. So, along with Karbofos, which has a sharp aroma, Kombat is known with a barely noticeable pleasant smell.

IMPORTANT! If you use sprays and aerosols regularly, it is best to change the manufacturer from time to time. Parasites have the ability to slowly but get used to chemicals... In this case, the effect can be disappointing.

Working with sprays is easy and simple. Putting on the mask, spray the product. After a while we ventilate the room. We arrange wet cleaning.

The average price allows you to choose a product that is affordable. How to poison cockroaches in an apartment? Sprays and aerosols Raid, Raptor, Combat, modern Dichlorvos, Clean House, Get, Executioner, Regent have proven themselves as effective insecticides against insects.

Powders and dusts

it slow death for insects... What to kill cockroaches in an apartment is dust. Powders and dusts are scattered in all corners where whiskers can live. There is no need to prepare the apartment in advance for processing. The main thing is that pets do not get to the powders. Powders are convenient because their action lasts from several weeks to several months.

IMPORTANT! Feverfew is a remedy that has a natural composition. The powder can be prepared independently from chamomile inflorescences.

Some of the products can be dissolved in water and used as a spray. Spray it with a spray bottle. Along with store-bought powders and dusts, the popular remedy is boric acid. I use it in its pure form, dilute or prepare a poisonous bait from it.

Crayons and gels

Alternatives to powders are crayons and gels. They win because they can be applied on vertical surfaces... Continuous lines are drawn with chalk along the baseboards, around windows and doorways.

The most popular crayon of the Mashenka trademark.

IMPORTANT! The popular product Global of the German manufacturer is often counterfeited. The original drug is sold in a tube with inscriptions in German only. One drop of gel kills about 500 insects.

Gels are applied with dotted lines. They act on the principle of a chain reaction. The cockroach poisons itself and infects other insects.... After applying these funds, the effect will be noticeable after 1-2 weeks. How to poison cockroaches in an apartment: Dohlox, FAS, Forsyth.

Cockroach traps

Traps convenient for prevention... Their effect differs depending on the type of trap.

Adhesive... The simplest designs. Cockroaches are caught on a sticky base. They stick and gradually die. You can make a glue trap yourself using glue.

Poisonous... These are miniature houses with poison inside. The scent attracts insects and makes you try the bait.

Electrical... They look like glue. Insects fit into a small box to eat. Inside, they die under the influence of the current.

IMPORTANT! The advertised ultrasonic repellents are actually not as effective. Fighting with their help is a vain effort. The same can be said about the use of herbs. They scare away, but temporarily.

It should not be forgotten that even the most low-toxic agents are chemicals. All of them can cause poisoning if used incorrectly. Do not be lazy to use gloves, mask. And after using the drugs, wash your hands thoroughly.

Most of the well-known manufacturing companies offer a choice of a line of products of different shapes and types. They choose a drug depending on what purpose they are pursuing. Only sprays and aerosols can immediately destroy cockroaches. All other insecticides work for a week or more. Only an integrated approach will allow you to remove cockroaches forever.

So, we told how cockroaches are taken out and what helps from cockroaches in an apartment efficiently and quickly today.

How to choose an effective remedy for cockroaches:

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