Magnolia and fir

Magnolia and fir

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Question: magnolia and fir

before the spring I have to prune the pines of my gardens that have become very high and magnolia which is more or less 3 meters high how can I start pruning how I poto them? thanks

Answer: magnolia and fir

Dear Matteo,
magnolias and firs are large trees, which have a harmonious development in nature; over many years they reach their maximum size and their foliage remains harmonious and well-formed, even if large. The pruning of these plants will lead to the same trying to replace the wood and the leaves that you have cut in the shortest possible time. So if you start pruning them, you'll have to do it every year. If you really want to prune, the fir tree tries to shorten its branches; avoid cutting the plant, because in a short time one of the lateral branches will grow upwards, in an attempt to restore the top.
In the case of magnolia, you can try to lower it, but consider that it will take on an unnatural truncated cone shape, quite ungainly.