Protecting your cats! Lawyer: drops for cats from fleas and ticks

Protecting your cats! Lawyer: drops for cats from fleas and ticks

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Drops Lawyer for cats are produced by a division of the concern Bayer (Bayer animal health) specializing in the manufacture of insecticidal solutions for animals.

They are effective against both external feline parasites (scabies mites, fleas) and internal (helminths).

And so let's take a closer look at the tools of the line Lawyer.


The composition of the drug Lawyer practically does not differ from the means of this company known all over the world Advantage Multi... Like all insecticidal solutions produced by Bayer Animal Health, it contains two active substances:

  1. Chloronicotinyl insecticide imidacloprid... Penetrating through the receptors of insects, it disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses, and paralyzed arthropods die.
  2. The semi-synthetic compound moxidectin belongs to the milbemycin group... It disrupts the connection of muscles with the nervous system in parasites.

Drops contain 10% imidacloprid and 1% moxidectin... The auxiliary components are benzyl alcohol, propylene carbonate, butylhydroxytoluene.

Spectrum of medicinal properties

The drug is active against tick Otodectes cynotiswhich is a parasite in the ears and is the causative agent of ear scabies, fleas, scabies mites, nematodes and their larvae... It is prescribed for the prevention of infection with a nematode of the genus dirofilaria, the treatment and prevention of ear scabies, insectoses, intestinal nematodes.

Application procedure

Spreading the fur, the insecticide is dripped onto the cat where it is unable to lick off the active substance. It is best applied between the shoulder blades.

  • Therapeutic dose for cats and cats weighing up to 4 kg - 0.4 ml.
  • For cats from 4 kg to 8 kg - 0.8 ml.

Minimum therapeutic dose 0.1 ml / kg body weight.

Flea control:

  • One-time processing. If your cat has allergic dermatitisthat fleas cause the drug must be used once a month.

Treating ear scabies:

  • The drug is applied once. The course can be repeated in a month.if the need arises.

Important! Do not drip insecticide into your ears.

For deworming:

  • For treatment once, for prophylaxis - once a month.

For the prevention of dirofilariasis:

  • A drug used before the flight of mosquitoes once, then once a month.

Important! The drug is not able to destroy adult dirofilariae, but it reduces the number of microfilariae in cat blood.

Be careful and careful

There are a number of prohibitions:

  1. Kittens under nine weeks old, sick and recovering cats, use Advocate is strictly prohibited. You can find out how to remove flea beetles from kittens in a separate article, and what means can be used in this case, read here.
  2. If the cat weighs less than a kilogram, then its processing, as well as the processing of pregnant and lactating animals, must be supervised by a specialist.
  3. You can not bathe the cat in open water (rivers, ponds, lakes) for four days after treatment.
  4. Use with drugs containing antiparasitic macrolides (endectocides) is categorically incompatible.
  5. Do not apply to damaged skin or wet skin.

Important! Accidental ingestion can lead to increased saliva (the drops have a bitter taste), short-term neurological disorders. Manifestations in the form of vomiting, redness of the skin, rash, itching are not excluded. They go away on their own, no treatment is required.

Be sure to follow the rules for handling insecticides!

  • If the insecticide gets inside - contact a specialist... Take the instructions from the drug to a meeting with a specialist. This will allow him to prescribe a treatment course faster and more correctly.
  • Isolate the treated animal from children for a day.
  • Dispose of empty packaging and tubes..

Price plus quality

The drug cannot be called budgetary. Tritubes 0.4 ml each in a package intended for cats weighing up to 4 kg cost 800-900 rubles.

A package of the drug intended for animals weighing from 4 to 8 kg will cost a potential buyer 950-1000 rubles... It contains three labeled tubes 0.8 ml each.

The high price is fully compensated by:

  • Effectiveness of drops.
  • Quality guaranteed by the world's leading healthcare company.
  • A wide range of its medicinal action.

The drug is well-deservedly popular with many feline owners. There is not a single negative review on the Web, except for complaints about its price. But what can't you do for the sake of your pet.

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