Unpretentious mid-early potatoes "Handsome": description of the variety, photo, characteristics

Unpretentious mid-early potatoes

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The "Krasavchik" potato variety has excellent taste, thanks to which it was able to find a huge number of admirers both among domestic and foreign gardeners.

In the article you will find a detailed description of the "Handsome" potato, its photo. And also get acquainted with the peculiarities of its cultivation, you will find out what the main diseases can threaten it.

Description of the variety

Variety namePretty boy
general characteristicsRussian mid-early table variety, drought tolerant
Ripening period80-90 days
Starch content12-18%
Mass of marketable tubers90-170 gr
The number of tubers in the bush6-11
Yield170-280 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, does not darken during cooking
Keeping quality97%
Peel colorpink
Pulp colorcream
Preferred growing regionsCentral black earth
Disease resistancesusceptible to golden potato cyst nematode
Growing featuresstandard agricultural technology
OriginatorVNIIKH them. A. G. Lorkha

Root crops of the described variety of potatoes are distinguished by an oval shape and the presence of small eyes. They are covered with a smooth red skin and have a creamy flesh. The starch content in these root crops is at the level of 12.4 - 17.8%, and their average weight ranges from 91 to 166 grams.

The Krasavchik potato was developed by Russian breeders. Its description can be found already in 2009. This is a fairly productive variety. You can compare the yield indicators of Krasavchik potatoes with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Pretty boy170-280 c / ha
Beauty400-450 c / ha
Vector670 c / ha
Artemis220-350 c / ha
Yankaup to 630 c / ha
Svitanok Kievup to 460 c / ha
Santana160-380 c / ha
Nevsky300-500 c / ha
Taisiyaup to 460 c / ha
Colomba220-420 c / ha
Bast400-500 c / ha

Characteristics of "Handsome" potatoes

Potatoes "Krasavchik" refers to medium early varieties, since it usually takes from 80 to 90 days from germination to full ripening of the crop.

It was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in the Central Black Earth Region, and also became widespread in Moldova and Ukraine.

The Krasavchik potato variety tolerates drought and mechanical damage relatively easily, and is also characterized by resistance to diseases such as banded and wrinkled mosaics, late blight and the causative agent of potato cancer, however, it is susceptible to golden cyst nematode.

One hectare of land is usually harvested from 170 to 202 centners potatoes of this variety. It tastes great and can be processed into dry mashed potatoes and French fries.

The ability to store well is an important quality for potatoes. In the table below you will find this characteristic for different varieties:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Pretty boy97%

This variety should be planted after annual and perennial grasses, winter crops and legumes, as well as flax. In sandy soils, it can grow after lupine. The ph-acidity of the soil for optimal growth of this vegetable should be 5.0–5.5 units, and if necessary, liming of the soil should be carried out.

IMPORTANT! Re-planting of such potatoes on the site can only be carried out after three years.

This type of potato is characterized by semi-erect bushes of medium height, having an intermediate type of growth. They are covered with medium-sized green leaves with an intermediate type. On the inside of the corolla, you can notice an anthocyanin color of medium intensity, in which there is almost no blue or is very insignificant.

A photo

A small selection of photos of the Krasavchik potato variety:

Growing features

Since the Krasavchik potato belongs to light-loving crops, when planting it, rows should be arranged from north to south so that all plants are evenly illuminated.

IMPORTANT! The distance between the bushes should be 60 centimeters, and between the rows - 30 centimeters. In this case, the seeds go deeper into the ground by 8-10 centimeters.

The main activities for caring for this variety are hilling plants and loosening the soil, removing weeds and mulching, irrigation and fertilizing. It is extremely important to carry out one feeding with an infusion of bird droppings or mullein in the amount of 1-2 liters of liquid per bush.

To increase the yield of potatoes, it is recommended to apply the highest quality manure to the hole during planting. At the end of flowering, phosphate fertilizers should be applied by foliar method.

IMPORTANT! Nitrogen fertilizers should be applied in parallel with potash fertilizers, and it is better to refuse wood ash.

When growing potatoes, all kinds of spraying are often required, mainly for pest control.

On our website you will find detailed articles on the benefits of using fungicides and herbicides when growing potatoes.

Diseases and pests

Potatoes of the "Krasavchik" variety may be affected by golden cyst nematode.

Signs of the presence of this pest in the garden include:

  • curling and premature drying of leaves;
  • the appearance on the field of individual areas with yellowed and wilting plants
  • premature death of bushes and small size of tubers;
  • curvature of the stems;
  • lack or weakness of flowering;
  • the acquisition of a brown color by the roots of plants.

One of the most effective drugs for getting rid of the nematode is "Tiazon", however, it is characterized by high toxicity, so it should be applied no later than a month before planting the potatoes.

Bird droppings, infusion of potato sprouts and mullein will also help to cope with the invasion of nematodes.

The main advantages of the aforementioned variety include high yield, good keeping quality and high commercial characteristics, as well as resistance to the most common diseases.

Potatoes are grown in a variety of ways. We will tell you about Dutch technologies, about growing early varieties, about getting a harvest without weeding and hilling, about the method under straw, in bags, in barrels, in boxes, from seeds.

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