Early harvest for wise gardeners - potatoes "Minerva": variety description and photo

Early harvest for wise gardeners - potatoes

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Super early varieties allow you to harvest potatoes in the middle of summer and be the first to enjoy the taste of young tubers. Breeders offer many interesting varieties, among which Minerva occupies a worthy place.

The potato turns out to be tasty, beautiful, and fruitful. The first tubers can be dug in 35 days after planting, the maximum yield is harvested at the end of the growing season.

Find out everything about Minerva potatoes - a description of the variety, photos, characteristics of the crop, appearance and rules for growing on your site!

Potato "Minerva": variety description and photo

Characteristics of the potato variety "Minerva":

Variety nameMinerva
general characteristicsvery early Dutch variety, disease resistant, drought tolerant
Ripening period45-50 days
Starch content15-18%
Mass of marketable tubers120-240 gr
The number of tubers in the bush15-20
Yieldup to 430 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, slightly soft, suitable for frying, salads and soups
Keeping quality94%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp colorwhite
Preferred growing regionsany soil and climate
Disease resistanceresistant to potato viruses, cancer, golden nematode and common scab, moderately resistant to late blight, not resistant to black leg and root rot
Growing featuressoil based on black soil or sand is recommended, as well as preliminary germination and the formation of high ridges when planting, low watering reduces productivity
OriginatorSolana company (Netherlands)

What Minerva potatoes look like, see the photo below:

Yield characteristics

Potatoes of the Minerva variety are very early in the table. Tubers gain weight quickly, the first crop can be removed already 35 days after germination... On fertile soils, the early harvest reaches 230 centners per hectare.

The variety reaches its maximum yield by the end of the growing season (45-50 days), at this time it is possible to collect up to 430 centners per hectare.

Harvested tubers well keptwithout losing marketable properties. Transportation is possible.

The bush is compact, erect, not too branchy, with a moderate formation of green mass. Leaves are medium in size, dark green, with slightly wavy edges. Corolla is compact, large white flowers fall off quickly without tying berries.

The root system is well developed, under each bush is formed 15-20 even large tubers... There are not many non-commodity fines, it can be used as seed. Root crops do not degenerate; potatoes harvested on their own plot demonstrate all the qualities of mother plants.

The agricultural technique of growing potatoes is simple, with the necessary care, the tubers ripen amicably and quickly. Variety prefers fertile soil based on black soil or sand... The introduction of peat, manure, humus will help increase the nutritional value.

Plants need moderate moisture, constant drought significantly reduces yields... The bushes huddle up, forming high ridges. Mulching with straw or cut grass will help get rid of weeds.

You can compare the yield of Minerva with other varieties based on the data in the table:

Variety nameYield
Melody180-640 c / ha
Margarita300-400 c / ha
Aladdin450-500 c / ha
Courage160-430 c / ha
Beauty400-450 c / ha
Grenada600 c / ha
Hostess180-380 c / ha
Vector670 c / ha
Mozart200-330 c / ha
Sifra180-400 c / ha

Variety resistant to many dangerous diseases: potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, common scab, fusarium, alternaria and verticillosis, various viruses.

It is very rarely affected by late blight of leaves or tubers. If the rules of agricultural technology are not followed, infection with a black leg or root rot is possible.

The tubers have a pleasant, delicate taste. Moderate starch content prevents them from darkening and boiling, the cooked food retains its beautiful white color. Root vegetables can be fried, boiled, stuffed or baked to make a delicious, low-calorie puree. It can be used for industrial purposes; tubers are used to make frozen French fries, vegetable mixes, and soup dressings.


The Minerva variety was bred by Dutch breeders. Listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation, recommended for growing in most climatic zones and countries. Depending on the weather, the landing dates may be shifted.

In warm areas, 2 harvests are possible potatoes over the summer. The variety is recommended for farm or hobbyist cultivation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main features of the variety include:

  • good taste;
  • very early amicable ripening;
  • high productivity;
  • excellent keeping quality;
  • tubers quickly accumulate marketable mass;
  • it is possible to get 2 harvests per year;
  • potatoes tolerate temperature extremes or lack of moisture;
  • resistance to major diseases.

A small drawback typical of especially early varieties can be considered not too bright taste... Productivity depends on climatic conditions and soil fertility.

In the table below, you will find indicators of the main important characteristics of other potato varieties for comparison with Minerva:

Variety nameWeight of marketable tubers (grams)Keeping quality
Queen anne80-15092%
Svitanok Kiev90-12095%
Bryansk delicacy75-12094%

Growing features

Select for planting large tubers weighing at least 80 g... In unfavorable weather conditions, they provide plants with an adequate supply of nutrients. To activate the growth of tubers, it is recommended to warm them up in warm water, and then treat them with growth stimulants.

For greater safety, the seed is sprayed generously with an aqueous fungicide solution. After processing, the tubers are thoroughly dried, all components should be well absorbed. Then the tubers are germinated in the light. The appearance of strong white shoots about 2 cm long is a signal for immediate planting.

You can propagate potatoes by seeds.... The germination rate is average, in the first year the yield is significantly lower, but already in the second season the plants will demonstrate all the best qualities, the tubers will turn out to be larger.

Planting potatoes is better into warmed-up soil, its temperature should exceed 10 degrees... It is more convenient to place the seed in rows, the tubers are laid out in holes fertilized with humus and wood ash. The bushes are placed at a distance of 30-35 cm from each other, the row spacing should not be less than 60 cm.The depth of the planting of root crops is about 10 cm.

During the planting season, they are fed with complex fertilizer or a diluted mullein. Read when and how to make fertilizing here. Variety sensitive to moisture level... To obtain the maximum yield, it is recommended to organize drip irrigation.

So that the soil does not dry out and the weeds do not bother young potatoes, the aisles are mulched with cut grass, straw or peat. 1-2 times planting spud, forming high ridges.

It is recommended to cut the tops a week before harvesting., this will allow the tubers to gain marketable weight faster. After digging up, the roots are dried on the border or under a canopy, sorted and removed to a cool, dark place. Seed material for the next year is stored separately.

Diseases and pests

The variety is resistant to dangerous diseases of the nightshade: potato crayfish, various viruses, golden cyst nematode, common scab. Early ripening protects planting from late blight... For prevention, pre-planting treatment of tubers and soil with complex fungicides is recommended.

Young green potatoes attract a variety of pests: Colorado potato beetles, thrips, aphids. For prophylactic purposes, spraying with insecticides is useful; toxic preparations are best used before the start of mass flowering.

Protect from insect larvae periodic weeding and changing fields for planting... It is advisable to plant potatoes alternately with cabbage, legumes, meadow grasses.

As for the storage of the crop, there is nothing complicated here. Observe the storage periods, choose the right place and remember the storage conditions for potatoes in winter, and you will be able to feast on tasty and healthy root crops for a long time.

Expert tips on how to grow big potatoes:

Below in the table you will find links to materials about potatoes with different ripening periods:

Mid-seasonMedium earlyMid late
Purple HazeRomanoSon

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