Sweet miracle on your windowsill - description and characteristics of the "Cranberry in the Sahara" tomato variety

Sweet miracle on your windowsill - description and characteristics of the

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Cranberries in the Sahara are an interesting variety for gardeners who appreciate the bright taste of the fruit, as well as the elegant appearance of plants.

Compact bushes with lush greenery, hung with clusters of bright red tomatoes, look very decorative, invariably attracting attention. Plants can be planted in spacious pots, decorating verandas, balconies, loggias with them.

Tomato "Cranberry in sugar": variety description

Variety nameCranberries in sugar
general descriptionEarly maturing, determinant tomato variety for cultivation in greenhouses and open field.
Ripening periodabout 80 days
The formFruits are round, even
Average weight of tomatoes15 grams
ApplicationSalads, preservation
Variety yieldup to 3 kg per square meter
Growing featuresAgrotechnics are standard. Can be grown on the balcony
Disease resistanceResistant to major nightshade diseases

The variety was bred by Russian breeders, suitable for growing in greenhouses, greenhouses, under a film, in containers or flowerpots. Compact bushes can be placed on balconies or window sills.

The original small-fruited variety, high-yielding, early maturing.

Determinate bush, compact, standard. Read about indeterminate varieties here. The formation of green mass is moderate, the leaves are medium-sized, dark green. The fruits ripen together, in abundant bunches. The yield is good. Hotbeds or greenhouses make it possible to get 2.6-2.8 kg of tomatoes from 1 sq. m landings.

As for the yield of other varieties, you will find this information in the table:

Variety nameYield
Cranberries in sugarabout 3 kg per square meter
Banana red3 kg per square meter
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
Olya la20-22 kg per square meter
Dubrava2 kg per bush
Countryman18 kg per square meter
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter
Pink spam20-25 kg per square meter
Diva8 kg per bush
Yamal9-17 kg per square meter
Golden heart7 kg per square meter

Advantages and disadvantages
Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • very beautiful, decorative fruits;
  • high taste;
  • compact bush does not require pinching and tying to supports;
  • disease resistance;
  • undemanding care.

The variety has practically no flaws. Productivity increases with careful feeding and adherence to watering rules.


  • Fruits are small, weighing up to 15 g.
  • Rounded, even, with slightly pronounced ribbing at the peduncle.
  • Ripening, tomatoes change color from light green to deep red.
  • The taste is delicious, sweet with a slight sourness.
  • The seed chambers are small, the flesh is dense, juicy, without wateriness.
  • The skin is glossy, firm, but not hard.

And in the table below you will find such a characteristic as the weight of fruits in other varieties of tomatoes:

Variety nameFruit weight (grams)
Cranberries in sugar15
Crimson ringing150
The Golden Fleece85-100
Bella Rosa180-220

The fruits are suitable for canning, pickled or salted tomatoes look very nice in jars. They do not crack; they are suitable for a variety of vegetable platters. Tomatoes can be eaten fresh, prepared from them a variety of snacks or buffet meals. Small round fruits are very popular with children.

A photo

You can see the fruits of the "Cranberry in sugar" tomato variety and the process of growing them on the balcony in the photo:

Growing features

As mentioned earlier, you can even grow these tomatoes on the balcony. The agricultural technology will be the same. Plants are propagated by seedlings. The seeds are sown in March, it is recommended to soak them in a growth stimulator for 10-12 hours before planting.

Advice: The soil for tomatoes should be light and nutritious. The best option is a mixture of sod land with humus and a small amount of washed river sand.

The seeds are sown with a slight deepening, sprinkled with a layer of peat and sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle. For successful germination, it is important to maintain a stable temperature (23-25 ​​degrees).

After sprouting, the containers are placed under fluorescent lamps or bright sunlight. In the phase of formation of the first true leaves, the seedlings dive into separate small pots. After transplanting, the seedlings are fed with full complex fertilizer.

Planting young plants for permanent residence is possible in early May. The soil is thoroughly loosened; when planting, superphosphate and wood ash are added to the holes.

Bushes do not require pickling; for better ventilation, you can remove the lower leaves. Watering is moderate, every 2 weeks the plants are fed with an aqueous solution of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Mulching can help control weeds.

  • Organic and mineral, ready-made complexes, TOP of the best.
  • For seedlings, when picking, foliar.
  • Yeast, iodine, ash, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, boric acid.

Pests and diseases

Despite their diminutive size, tomatoes are resistant to the main diseases of the nightshade. They are practically not affected by late blight, Fusarium, but they can be susceptible to mosaic. To prevent viral diseases, the soil is calcined.

When planting in open ground, it is recommended to choose beds where legumes or spicy greens grew. Places that were occupied by peppers, eggplants, potatoes, and other varieties of tomatoes should be avoided. It is recommended to spray young plants from time to time with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, phytosporin or other non-toxic bio-preparations.

At home and in greenhouses, tomatoes can be affected by aphids or spider mites. Treatment with insecticides will help to get rid of pests, but they can be used only before the start of fruiting. You can protect plants from slugs by regularly spraying an aqueous solution of ammonia.

Cranberries in the Sahara are a great option for lovers of garden experiments. Miniature bushes will decorate any garden or apartment, careful maintenance will help to significantly increase yields.


You can learn how to grow tomatoes on a windowsill from the following video:

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