If you need a bountiful harvest - tomato "Budenovka" will help: description of the variety, photo, characteristics

If you need a bountiful harvest - tomato

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Tomato variety Budenovka, has only positive reviews even among the most fastidious gardeners. The plant does not require particularly careful care. Produces a bountiful harvest even in bad weather conditions.

Tomatoes are large, juicy, tasty. Having tried to grow a tomato Budenovka once, you will leave it forever in your greenhouse.

And you can find out in more detail about the variety itself, its characteristics, cultivation features and other important subtleties later in our article.

Tomato Budenovka: variety description

Budenovka tomatoes are similar in plant type and shape, fruit taste to the well-known and familiar to many varieties of the Bull Heart. The variety of these tomatoes will give odds to any hybrid in terms of disease resistance and general condition. Hybrids have a number of advantages such as immunity to weather conditions, self-pollination. Their cost is much higher than varietal, and the main disadvantage of hybrids is the impossibility of growing a good harvest from their seeds for the next year - they lose their quality properties.

Variety Budenovka - indeterminate tomatoes. A plant is considered indeterminate if it does not have points of growth termination. Thus, it is necessary to pinch the top. By the type of bush - not a standard one. Has an average height, up to 120 cm, sometimes up to 150 cm, on average about 1 m... The rhizome is powerful, it grows violently more than half a meter in width. The stem is thin, tying is necessary - a weak stem will not withstand large fruits. There are few foliage on the stem, about 6-8 brushes of a simple type.

Typically tomato dark green leaves are of medium size and wrinkled structure without pubescence. The inflorescence is simple, intermediate - the first is formed above 9-11 leaves, then an interval of 3 leaves or more. Tied from the inflorescence from 6 large fruits. Removing a few flowers (6-8 can be left) allows the fruit to develop better.

By the time of ripening, it is considered medium early, the ripening of fruits begins on the 100th - 110th day after germination. Ripening takes place quickly and smoothly.

The variety is resistant to late blight, powdery mildew and other common diseases... It is possible to grow Budenovka tomatoes in greenhouses, open ground, under film coverings. Outdoors, the plant will be smaller. Growing outdoors in warm regions of the country is recommended.

A photo

See below: Tomatoes Budenovka photo


Shape - rounded with an elongated nose-ending, heart-shaped, low-ribbed. Some gardeners saw in the fruits the inverted shape of the headdress of the Red Army, which gave the well-known name to the variety. Dimensions over 15 cm in diameter, weight about 300 g, sometimes more (800 g)... The skin is thin, dense, smooth. The color of unripe fruits is typically light green, while ripe fruits are pink, sometimes darker.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of the Budenovka variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight (grams)
Pink Lady230-280
Banana red70
Golden jubilee150-200

The ripeness of the fruit is noted with the palest pink color. The pulp is reddish fleshy, soft, tasty. There are many seeds, distributed in equal parts over 4 chambers, sometimes there are more chambers. The amount of dry matter is up to 5%. Fruits are stored for a long time, they tolerate transportation well... Ripening fruits are stored until November. Ripening - harvesting unripe fruits for further ripening. Store tomatoes in a dark, dry place.

Tomatoes variety Budenovka - one of the types of the Siberian collection, a successful result of the State Institute of Agricultural Vegetable Crops of the Russian Federation. Registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation for growing in open ground, under film shelters in 2002. Patented. Growing on the entire territory of the Russian Federation is permissible.

By way of use - universal... Has a variety of vitamins. The taste is sour - sweet. Suitable for fresh consumption - raw vegetable salads, sandwiches, slicing, after heat treatment - stewing, soups. It is usually canned in crushed form - snacks for the winter. Suitable for the production of tomato paste and sauces, the taste will be unusually pleasant. Suitable for juice production is average - it turns out to be too thick.

It is possible to collect a bountiful harvest from one plant - about 7 kg, which is about 20 kg from 1 sq. M.... Due to the high qualifications of breeders, the variety did not show any drawbacks with normal care.

You can see the yield of other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Budenovka20 kgs sq.m
Kate15 kg per square meter
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
Crystal9.5-12 kg per square meter
Dubrava2 kg per bush
Red Arrow27 kg per square meter
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter
Verlioka5 kg per square meter
Diva8 kg per bush
Explosion3 kg per square meter
Golden heart7 kg per square meter

Has a number of advantages:

  • large fruits;
  • early maturity;
  • high and long harvest;
  • a large percentage of resistance to diseases and pests;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • resistance to bad weather conditions.

Growing features

Many beginners have a fair question of how to grow a Budenovka tomato, what is its yield. There is nothing complicated in the growing process. Tomato variety Budenovka is developed with the exception of fruit cracking (if it is not a disease). With a change in humidity, with changes in night and day temperatures, the fruits begin to crack.

Seedlings are planted in mid-March with further greenhouse cultivation; when grown in open ground, they can be planted later.

The seeds are disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, soaked for several hours in a means to stimulate growth. They are washed and planted in a heated disinfected soil to a depth of 2 cm in rows in a common container. The distance between plants and rows is about 2 cm.

For a quick emergence of plants, seeds are sometimes germinated in moist material for several days. After planting, it is necessary to water and cover with polyethylene to form the desired moisture. This contributes to good development. After emergence, the polyethylene is removed. When 2-3 fully developed leaves are formed, a pick is made in a container of about 300 ml.

The picking is carried out for better development of the roots and the plant itself. Better to use peat or paper cups. Rapidly decomposing materials will allow plants to be planted in a permanent place directly in glasses without injuring them. Seedlings must be hardened 2 weeks before transplanting. You need to plant seedlings in well-lit areas. Planting takes place in well-warmed soil in holes with fertilizer.

Landing scheme - chess, the distance between plants is about 50 cm. It is necessary to immediately tie up the plants due to weak stems. A garter for trellises or individual supports will do. Grasshopping is carried out with a plant with a height of about 50 cm, a bush is formed into one stem. Passionking is carried out every 10 days.... Watering is not needed often, at the root. Loosening, weeding as needed. Top dressing every 2 weeks.

Diseases and pests

Preventive spraying with microbiological preparations of the general spectrum of action is carried out. Budenovka tomatoes are an excellent variety in the family of unpretentious large-fruited tomatoes.

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