How to get rid of moths with folk remedies: a description of effective methods, methods of using essential oils and plants that repel pests

How to get rid of moths with folk remedies: a description of effective methods, methods of using essential oils and plants that repel pests

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There are many methods of getting rid of moths.

Moreover, when inconspicuous gray butterflies accidentally end up in a wardrobe or in a kitchen cabinet, and woolen clothes begin to gap with noticeable bald patches, ordinary people remember their grandmother's methods much more often than about some kind of chemical preparations.

And this can be explained. After all, traditional funds are more accessible and cheaper and can always be at hand in an apartment.

The topic of today's article is how to get rid of moths: folk remedies. We will tell you which plants scare away moths with their smell, do essential oils help moths?

Features of the use of folk remedies for moths in the apartment

All known methods of getting rid of pests differ depending on what type of moth you have to deal with: from the wardrobe or the kitchen.

But they all have the same quality: just scare away insects without destroying them... The only drawback of all these methods is their slow action.

Next, we will tell you more about how to get rid of moths in an apartment with folk remedies?

Orange peels

Orange peels, as well as lemon and tangerine peels, are an old folk remedy for moth control. Their strong smell scares adult butterflies.

Where the crusts are laid out: in cabinets or bedside tables, they do not lay eggs. it good for prophylactic purposes or for scaring away insects.

Application rules:

  1. Spread fresh citrus fruit peels near foodstuffs.
  2. Crusts that dry out and lose their aroma must be replaced in time.

Laundry soap

Another folk, but the main thing is universal method, the main disadvantage of which is the unpleasant odor characteristic of soap.

Few people wear expensive and beautiful clothes that smell like laundry soap.

But then laundry soap scares off adults and very noticeably limits the movement of caterpillars... This product at its cost is available any buyer. It is especially convenient with its help to get rid of insects that have settled in pantries and closets.

For quality use, place fresh laundry soap scraps inside kitchen furniture or in pockets of clothing to be protected.

Lavender for moths

The most popular folk remedy is lavender. This plant has a strong and very pleasant scent. It doesn't fizzle out for a long time. Lavender qualitatively scares off both caterpillars and already adult butterflies.

In this case, the same dry flowers and essential oil made from the plant work effectively, which is a component of many industrial products used to get rid of insect pests.

Spread the leaves of the plant in porous bags around the apartment, place them in the wardrobe between the stacked items... If we are talking about essential oil, then it is placed on the shelves of cabinets directly in open vessels.

Clothes can be protected sprinkling her with lavender broth... Only you will have to do it often.

Important! Do not spray lavender or any other essential liquid on worn clothes. The quality of this product varies. If it contains at least a little palm or sunflower oil, stains will remain on things that are difficult or impossible to remove.


Like lavender, this is a plant has a strong odor.

It is used in a similar way: the dried leaves are laid out in small sachets and placed where a large accumulation of pests should be observed.

From time to time, it is recommended to check if the bag has run out. If this happens, replace it with another one with fresher dried leaves. To enhance efficiency, you can place them in a wardrobe in the pockets of sweaters, coats, fur coats and jackets.

Caucasian chamomile

Another effective way to repel pests is Caucasian chamomile powder. His scattered on the floor of the apartment every one and a half meters.


The fight against small gray butterflies that have settled in the house is not always active and involves the use of funds specially prepared for this. There are also passive ways. Often just put an indoor flower like an ordinary geranium on the windowsill.

The smell of this plant is not tolerated by many insects. If the apartment is large, get some bushes. Place one pot in each room. Geranium works equally well against kitchen moths and clothes moths.

Keep live flower bushes in the apartment at all times. Open kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and nightstands from time to time, ventilating them once every few days.

Horse chestnut

It turns out that chestnut protects well from insect pests. Its seeds should be harvested in late autumn.

After drying in the oven (raw chestnuts grow moldy quickly), arrange them on the shelves in the cupboards. No bags are needed here.

Chestnut has several benefits:

  1. Fruits are easy to pick and just as easy to unfold;
  2. Effectively and do not have a strong aroma;
  3. The fruits are quite large in size, therefore they are not able to litter the apartment.

Vinegar and garlic

Vinegar and garlic do not smell very good. Although it is thanks to him that they are considered a good means of fighting insects. It is best to store garlic in the kitchen, inside nightstands or in closets. next to other food items, and vinegar is recommended to be added to water when cleaning the floor in the apartment.

The butterfly does not tolerate spicy plants such as thyme, rosemary and cloves. They can be put into bags, combined with each other, or each used separately. Such sets are distributed throughout the apartment and scare away pests from the premises for a long period.

Scented tobacco

Tobacco is another effective folk remedy against gray butterflies. Fragrant tobacco is usually used as a houseplant, as for smoking tobacco, it is better to use it in the form of small dry leaves, as in our usual cigarettes.

Divide regular tobacco into bags and place inside furniture items. Remember to air out your wardrobe periodically.

Attention! Do not use tobacco to protect clothing from moths. Things soaked in it will lose their attractiveness.

Fragrant herbs

Insects are scared away by bundles of wild or cultivated odorous grasses. Among them, the following are considered the most effective means:

  • Sagebrush;
  • Tansy;
  • Chamomile;
  • Valerian;
  • Marigold;
  • Carnation.

Other folk methods and means to scare off annoying pests:

  1. Camphor... Soak the tampons in it and place them in the places where the butterflies congregate.
  2. Lemon and clove combination... The buds of a spicy plant are stuck into a half of a lemon and hung on a strong thread above the shelves with things.
  3. Pieces of twigs and cedar wood also insect resistant. Arrange them in wardrobes where fur coats hang. You can also use oil from cedar needles for this purpose.
  4. Use the same method black pepper (peas).
  5. Ordinary people say that sometimes gray butterflies scare away the smell of fresh newspapers... But experts consider this method rather dubious.

Advice! To prevent insects from getting in the kitchen, the best solution would be to store cereals in a sealed container or tightly tied bags. Clean outer clothing and put plastic covers on it before storing.

Do not forget regularly ventilate the apartment, carry out constant cleaning in it with the use of disinfectants. The moth is afraid of low and high temperatures. So washing in hot water, frying clothes in the open sun or airing them in frosty air makes it possible to get rid of females, pest eggs or their larvae.

By the way, the larvae and eggs on clothes are attached very weakly, therefore they fall to the floor from the slightest shaking. For this reason, things that are constantly worn are rarely damaged. Those who hang in wardrobes for a long time and wait in the wings are most affected.

Essential oils

Essential liquids are an excellent and very effective folk remedy for repelling pests.

In addition to the lavender composition, it is actively used fir, eucalyptus, rosemary and patchouli, lemongrass and citronella oils.

Mode of application:

  1. Rinse the floor with water, after adding a few drops of essential liquid to it;
  2. Oil shelves and surfaces where moths may accumulate;
  3. Spread out the swabs moistened with liquid;
  4. Spray cabinets and rooms;
  5. Place open bottles of anti-pest oils in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and nightstands.


Perhaps the most famous and most effective folk remedy for moths is naphthalene.

IMPORTANT! But for residential buildings today it is not recommended because its use is unsafe for human health.

But naphthalene is still popular and helps get rid of butterflies and insect larvae that cannot stand its pungent odor. Bags with naphthalene balls are usually laid out between the piles of clothes on the shelves of the wardrobes.

Naphthalene is unable to fight food moths (more on the fight against kitchen moths), only with clothes moth, since food actively absorbs odors. Therefore, spoiling food would be unwise. But naphthalene has many modern pest-control substitutes that work just as effectively.

To the aid of folk remedies for moths in the house, modern chemical compositions are always ready to come, which are freely sold in specialized stores.

But you should not neglect the old grandmother's methods, which, as practice shows, do not lose their effectiveness over the years and can well be used when it is really necessary.

So, we told how to deal with moths with folk remedies, described flowers and plants that repel the pest, and also gave advice on how to remove moths in the kitchen with folk remedies?

Practical advice on how to use wormwood in the fight against moths:

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