Funny name, excellent result - Lapot potatoes: description of the variety and photo

Funny name, excellent result - Lapot potatoes: description of the variety and photo

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Despite the fact that recently a huge number of new varieties of potatoes have appeared, many gardeners in different regions are still devoted to the time-tested Lapot variety.

He is called the potato champion and is appreciated for a lot of positive qualities.

You can read more about these qualities in the article. Also in the material you will find a description of the variety, get acquainted with the main characteristics, find out if the variety is susceptible to diseases and pest attacks.

Potato Lapot variety description

Variety nameBast
general characteristicsmedium early table variety with excellent adaptability to conditions
Ripening period65-80 days
Starch content13-16%
Mass of marketable tubers100-160 gr
The number of tubers in the bush5-8
Yield400-500 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesexcellent taste, suitable for frying and roasting
Keeping quality94%
Peel colorpink
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsany soil and climate
Disease resistanceaffected by late blight and alternaria
Growing featuresgermination of planting material is recommended, the variety tolerates drought and frost well
Originatorbred by folk breeders in Russia

The shelf life of this potato is 94 percent, which is a very good indicator. How to store potatoes in winter, on the balcony, in boxes, peeled and in the refrigerator, read the articles on our website. And also what time and temperature should be observed, what problems may arise.

Lapot belongs to medium early varieties. It can be grown in all regions of the Russian Federation, including the Trans-Baikal Territory and in the north. This potato is renowned for its excellent taste and high yield..

The taste largely depends on the amount of starch in the root vegetables. The table below shows data on the starch content in other potato varieties:

Variety nameStarch content
Zhukovsky early10-12%
Aladdinup to 21%

Lapot is a table variety of potatoes. It perfectly tolerates drought and various deterioration of weather conditions, including hail and frost, and is also characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and known diseases.

Potato bast, which does not impose special requirements on the soil, however, it is better to plant it in light fertile soils. The variety was developed in Russia in the 20th century.


The bushes of this potato variety can be either medium or tall. They are covered with medium-sized green leaves. They are characterized by large lush inflorescences, and the corollas of flowers are white in color.

This variety of potatoes is characterized by the presence of large tubers, resembling a village bast shoe in shape. They are flat and oblong.

The roots are covered with a smooth, pale pink rind with small eyes, hiding a creamy pulp with a medium starch content.

The table below provides information for comparing the number of tubers in bushes and their marketable weight in Lapot variety and other potato varieties:

Variety nameThe number of tubers in the bush (pcs)Their marketable weight (g)
Lady Claireup to 1585-110
Labellaup to 1480-100
Galaup to 25100-140

A photo

See below: potato variety Lapot photo

Growing features

Agricultural technology for this variety is simple. Before planting potatoes Lapot, seed should germinate... To do this, it is necessary to place it in a room where the air temperature is at the level of 12-14 degrees Celsius.

The soil for planting must be prepared in the fall, and in the spring it is necessary to loosen it and remove all existing weeds. Further, mulching will help in the fight against weeds.

IMPORTANT! The soil temperature for planting this vegetable should be 6-10 degrees above zero.

To increase yields, you can carry out top dressing with organic and mineral fertilizers type of ammophos, nitrophos or nitroammophos.

Read about what to fertilize potatoes, when and how to apply fertilizing, how to do it correctly when planting, read the articles on our website.

You can also treat the tubers with Maxim and Prorostok, which will not only increase the yield of your garden, but also strengthen the immunity of potatoes and its anti-stress activity.

A feature of potato Lapot is that the process of forming its tubers does not require additional irrigation, but during the period of budding and vegetation, the plants respond well to watering.

There are many ways to grow potatoes and they differ in variety. Read everything about Dutch technology, as well as growing under straw, in boxes, bags and barrels. No less useful will be the materials on how to grow early potatoes and how to do it without weeding and hilling.

Diseases and pests

Potato Lapot variety that is resistant to diseases and pests, during the closing of the rows, it is recommended to spray with the "Saffron" preparation in order to protect the plants from Alternaria and late blight. This procedure should be done once a week.

This variety, like many others, can be threatened by a variety of pests: the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, wireworm, bears, leafhoppers and others.

Although Lapot's popularity cannot be compared to more modern potato varieties, he has a fan base who trusts him. The main advantages of this variety are its simplicity and ease of care, as well as its large size and excellent taste.

Read about how to turn potato growing into a business here.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with other varieties of potatoes that have different ripening periods:

Mid lateMedium earlySuperearly
SonThe dark womanFarmer
CraneLord of the open spacesMeteor
LasunokRed FantasyVeneta
ZhuravinkaJellyZhukovsky early

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