Review of manufacturers of flea products: Advantix for cats, Hartz, Barrier drops and other products

Review of manufacturers of flea products: Advantix for cats, Hartz, Barrier drops and other products

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Yesterday your pet was cheerful and cheerful, but today it looks alert? Suddenly jumping off the litter, biting your fur with small movements?

Most likely, not welcome guests - fleas - have moved to your pet.

You will say that the cat does not leave the house, and the dog walks on a leash and does not meet with other animals and there can be no infection with these pests.

Unfortunately, I don't want to upset you, but even under these conditions, flea infection is quite possible.

How fleas get to pets

Where can you catch fleas? Everywhere. If you think that fleas live only in your animal's fur, you are wrong. Fleas live everywhere.

They lay their eggs in secluded places. Grown-up individuals are spreading all over the white world. There are practically no barriers for them. They can wait for their prey in the grass near the house., jump from an infected animal to another animal with lightning speed. Any of the household members can bring maggots on their shoes.

Effective control measures

If a flea gets to your animal, it does not stay with it, having bitten the animal. Having received her portion of blood, she goes to look for a place for procreation. There are plenty of places for this in our apartments. Dog bedding, cat baskets, carpet pile, curtain folds ... Fleas are very fertile.

Therefore, the fight against fleas must be carried out in several directions at once.:

  1. Treat the pet's hair with special products.
  2. To carry out a general cleaning of the entire room, the dog or cat moves through all the rooms, and we cannot know where the fleas were sheltered for ourselves.
  3. Wash your pets' rugs and toys with special products.

Are these insects dangerous to humans?

Important! It is better to prevent any disease and the appearance of pests than to waste money and time on treatment later.

Are fleas dangerous for animals and can people get hurt from them? We answer in the affirmative. In addition to the inconvenience, the wounds after the bite itch, the skin is irritated, these pests are dangerous carriers of serious diseases. Fleas, with a large number of them, can drink blood from humans.

How to get rid of?

What is the best way to treat pets? There are as many answers to this question as there are respondents. Today, pharmaceuticals around the world are developing hundreds of products to get rid of fleas for pets. Some offer medicines only for cats, others only for dogs, or for dogs and cats, which is called "in one bottle."

The most qualified assistance in the selection of such funds can be provided by a specialist - a veterinarian. If this is not possible, study the instructions well and follow them strictly.

Important! An extra drop of the drug can cause an unpredictable reaction in your pet.

Drops, sprays, tablets, collars - a wide range of products are offered by leading companies.

Manufacturers overview


  1. Drops Front Line Combo, for the protection of pets, are considered among the best. They are used against ticks, fleas, lice and other pests. The drug is effective (fleas and their offspring are destroyed in 1 day, ticks in 2 days), available (you can buy in almost any pet store), and safe. It can be used for all animals, except for very small puppies and kittens (from birth to 2 months) and sick, weakened animals. It is expensive from 700 rubles. Effective against fleas for up to 1 month, against ticks for up to 3 weeks.
  2. Frontline tick spray... The action of the active substance for 1 month. You can handle pregnant, lactating bitches and newborn puppies (2-3 days old). Observe precautions during processing. Avoid contact with the animal's eyes. The drug is effective, the treated animal has long-term protection. The cost of the drug is high, from 1.5 thousand rubles.
  3. Frontline Nexgard Chewable Tablets... New. The manufacturer promises that within 25-30 minutes after application, fleas begin to die. After a day, there should be no living individuals. Ticks die after 48 hours. The protection of the animal continues for another month. The drug tastes good, has a quick effect, and is easy to use. Long-term use is not desirable, the health of the animal worsens. It is expensive, 1600 - 1800 rubles.


  • Drops Advantix, a drug for the fight against fleas, lice, lice, ticks in all stages of development. The action begins 12 hours after the drops are applied to the withers and spine of the animal. Not recommended for sick and weakened animals, pregnant and lactating bitches, puppies under 2 months. After application, keep the animal in sight. Inflammatory skin reactions are possible. Costs from 1,500 rubles.
  • Spray Bolfo... Has a specific smell, it is better to process it outdoors. Treat animals no more than 2 times a week. Do not use the drug for kittens and puppies less than 2 months old. It is good to use it for processing the alleged habitats of parasites (bedding, carpets, etc.). It is not expensive, about 350 rubles. Has a short duration of action.
  • Collars Foresto... The Bayer company is perhaps the best in the production of collars. Foresto collars are the latest development. The collar is adjustable in length and is available in two sizes for small and large dog breeds. Prolonged action, up to 8 months. When bathing an animal, the collar does not need to be removed. Unlike other drugs, it does not have an unpleasant odor. It is expensive, about 2 thousand rubles.
  • Collars Kiltix... The effect of the active substance is declared by the manufacturer for at least 6 months, but in practice no more than 4. The collar is poisonous for insects. Has an unpleasant odor, possibly skin irritation. The cost is not high 500 - 700 rubles.


Drops Hartz Ultra Guard are intended for the prevention and control of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. The drops are waterproof, last for 1 month. Available in different dosages for dogs and cats. They are not expensive, 550 - 650 rubles. Not recommended for immunocompromised animals. Effective, there are almost no allergic reactions. Rarely on sale.


  1. Bravecto tablets are designed to fight fleas and ticks and have a prolonged effect up to 12 weeks. Sometimes there is a side effect when taken. The cost of one tablet is 1300 rubles.
  2. BIO drops GAMMA... Designed for cats that refuse to wear collars. Safe, highly effective prophylaxis against parasites in cats. Treat the animal no more than once a month. The cost is about 80 rubles.
  3. Bars spray and drops - domestic drugs. They are cheap. Effective. Not recommended for puppies and small kittens. We wrote about all the drugs from this manufacturer in another article.
  4. Drops from fleas and ticks Celandine will be able to protect pets for one to two months. Not recommended for puppies and kittens under two months old.

And now a few words about the drugs not included in the review, but available on the Russian market:

Among the drugs and agents used against fleas, it is worth mentioning Bimeda flee... This aerosol belongs to the "knockdown means" because it only immobilizes insects. It is used to combat flea infestations, dust mites and to reduce the level of allergens in the home.

Bimeda flee is not intended for processing animals!

Flea Drops Barrier - a clear, odorless liquid, packaged in convenient dropper pipettes for dosing the expense of the product. It has an intestinal and contact effect, has a hazard class 3.

BlochNet drops - a wide range of this drug allows you to choose a suitable option for animals of different breeds and weights. It is applied to the skin, does not penetrate into the blood, but accumulating in the epidermis has a long-term effect.

Drops Practitioner for fleas and ticks - an effective antiparasitic agent with a wide spectrum of action. Safe for people and animals, is not absorbed into the blood, waterproof, can be used for puppies from 8 months.

Shampoo for cats Gamma - an insecticidal detergent suitable for both cats and dogs. Low toxicity, has no side effects.

Obviously, the choice of antiparasitic drugs on the Russian market is quite wide and you can easily choose the one that is right for your pet.

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