10 best mobile apps for gardeners and gardeners

10 best mobile apps for gardeners and gardeners

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The cultivation of various ornamental plants and fruit and vegetable crops has become a favorite hobby of millions of people. Each of the gardeners invests a lot of effort to ensure that his harvest is better than others.

In the age of high information technologies, people can get a lot of recommendations and useful tips for growing plants from the Internet.

Your favorite smartphone or tablet can be a good helper for this, because today developers have created a large number of mobile applications with which you can find out the answers to your questions. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular gardening apps.

Yates my garden

This application is a kind of social network for gardeners and gardeners.

After a simple registration, you can create your own page on which photographs of your own harvest are published and send them to other social networks.

The app has many different sections. One of these sections makes it possible to set a formula for the problem, for example, "ants + berries" and the gardener will see a list of possible pests and ways to combat them. The application also allows you to get answers to questions of interest from other users.

Another interesting section of the application is designing the design of the future site. The gardener will be able to calculate the number of plants that he needs and get an approximate view of the decorated area.

The application has the ability to search for keywords. Gardeners' favorite planting and harvesting calendars are also included in the app. If you have any questions, you can always ask an expert in a special section.

Landscaping ideas

A large number of mobile applications are devoted to this topic. This application is one of the most informative and voluminous of its counterparts.

This application has several sections with photographs of various landscape design ideas. Below the photo, you can see a lot of comments left by other users.

The photographs are made in excellent quality and allow you to see the smallest details of the site design. It is also possible to show your favorite design option to friends by posting a photo on social networks.

For the correct operation of such an application, you will need a productive smartphone or tablet and access to high-speed Internet, otherwise the user will not be able to view the photos.

Mobile gardener

The essence of this application is quite simple. The gardener needs to enter information about the plants he has and the program itself will draw up a schedule for caring for them.

The application has the ability to remind the gardener about the date of the necessary work.

Gardener's Handbook

The developers claim that this application contains all the necessary information for caring for plants. All recommendations are based on the experience of professional gardeners.

By installing this application, the gardener will receive new information about his favorite plants, get acquainted with the peculiarities of preparing the garden for the winter season, grafting, pruning and breeding popular crops.

Garden Time

This mobile application is a full-fledged assistant for the gardener. Features are - a large list of plants, creating notes and your own photo gallery.

All important dates must be entered into the application: planting, air temperature, humidity.

The program will give a hint when it is better to transfer the seeds to the house or to the street, the beginning of the harvest.

The free version of the application is valid for 30 days, then you need to purchase a paid one.

Gardener's calendar

This is an ordinary lunar calendar. This application will take up very little memory, so it can be easily installed on any device.

After opening the application, a window appears with the current month. Today in the application is highlighted in red. The phase of the current moon phase is also indicated. The "i" icon will allow you to find out the necessary information about the day of interest to the gardener.

The menu for selecting a specific day will allow you to familiarize yourself with a list of auspicious jobs. The application is simply necessary for those gardeners who are responsible for all work on the site.

Guide to Garden Plants

The application in English is divided into several categories and contains background information about famous vegetables, spices, herbs, flowers.

The description of the plants contains characteristics, flowering time, growing conditions, watering and growing.

A very handy application, with a lot of important and useful information for those who speak English. However, if necessary, you can always use a translator.

Flower Garden

The application allows a novice gardener to learn the basics of watering and growing plants in a playful way. Grown flowers can be sent as screenshots to friends and acquaintances.

The application develops memory and attention, because if a person watering virtual plants on time, he will not forget about the real ones.

Do it yourself

The application is intended for people who like to create everything with their own hands.

The app contains many ideas and step-by-step instructions for making crafts, origami, homemade electronics, garden and cottage furniture. Photos help to fully understand the manufacturing process of a particular product model.

Favorite cottage

This application is an electronic version of the magazine of the same name. The application itself is free to install, but each issue of the magazine must be purchased. The cost of one room ranges from 75 rubles.

Developers of modern applications pay great attention to the creation of various new products for gardeners and gardeners. Each gardener will be able to choose an interesting application for him from the variety presented. The only drawback is that most programs are released in English, but even basic knowledge of the school curriculum is enough to understand them.

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