Growing walnuts as a business in the countryside

Growing walnuts as a business in the countryside

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Walnut is a healthy and nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals. Walnuts are used for confectionery purposes for the preparation of cakes, creams and other sweets, as well as for medical purposes for the manufacture of medicinal products.

That is why growing walnuts can be a lucrative business and, with the right approach, can bring a steady income.

Benefits of the walnut business

One of the main advantages of the walnut business is low competition.

At the moment, very few entrepreneurs want to invest in the cultivation of nuts, since they do not see profit and great returns in this.

Such a business is characterized by seasonality, because walnuts can only be grown in the summer, and trees can only bear fruit under appropriate weather conditions: optimal temperature and humidity.

Planting a walnut requires large areas, for this you need to live and work in rural areas in order to take care of the soil in a timely manner.

If the grower is responsible for planting trees, in the future the business can become a source of passive income: the trees will bear fruit for several years, and you will collect large, nutty nuts every summer.

The walnut business will be especially beneficial for those who live in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, since the climatic conditions make it possible to grow nuts in these countries on an industrial scale.

Sales opportunities

Walnuts are a rather scarce product both in the CIS countries and in Europe, so you will find those who want to buy nuts almost immediately, as soon as your trees bear the first fruits. The bulk of walnut buyers are buyers acting as intermediaries.

Partnering with individuals will give you good income in the early stages of your business. As soon as you start receiving large quantities of nuts, you can sell them to large enterprises: confectionery or pharmaceutical companies.

If you want to calculate the minimum income from walnut trees, consider that one tree at the age of 8 years can produce a crop weighing 18 kg... For 1 kg. nuts buyers pay 1-2 dollars.

To get started, you can plant a few trees, calculate the income you will receive after fruiting, and if you are satisfied with the profit level, you can plant an entire plantation and earn up to $ 6,500 in passive income per year.

Choosing the right variety

The profitability of your business will depend on the variety of nuts you choose to plant.

The main criteria for a high-quality fruit are a thin shell and a strong, full-fledged light-colored kernel..

The thin shell is well peeled off, so such nuts are readily taken and give a good price for them, and the large kernel has a rich taste and nutritional properties, which is especially appreciated by confectioners.

Nuts with such characteristics are appreciated abroad and can be successfully exported.

When choosing a variety of nuts, keep in mind that a variety that grows successfully in Crimea may not adapt well to the weather conditions in colder regions and may not produce good fruits.

To avoid wasted financial and physical costs, thoroughly study the information on the characteristics of varieties and their survival in different climatic zones.

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