How to build a pergola in the country with your own hands?

How to build a pergola in the country with your own hands?

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The pergola is a popular design used in landscaping.

The essence of the design is simple - transverse beams and repeating sections. A climbing plant is planted on this frame.

Next, we will consider what the creation of a pergola consists of.

Note that we are not talking about building a pergola, as building is part of the entire creation process.

After all, here you need to distinguish two stages: first, construction, then planting plants.


First, it should be noted the possibility of choosing a material for the structure.

At this time, they are almost limited by your imagination, but the best options are wood and metal.

At the same time, the most common options are wood pergolas.

If you do not have any special architectural ideas and concepts, we advise you to focus on wood. This material is affordable and most convenient.

You will need:

  • support pillars - four beams;
  • cross beams are also bars, but thinner;
  • trellis panels and a pair of side beams.

The construction process itself is also divided into stages:

  1. creation of a construction plan - no more than 2.5 meters in height, something like a square with jumpers;
  2. installation of a support - support bars are dug in at least half a meter and reinforced with concrete pouring or another method;
  3. transverse support beams are installed;
  4. transverse bars are installed, you need to make something like a sieve, but you can choose the pattern yourself;
  5. then you can attach the trellis panels to the structure, but at a distance from the ground to avoid decay.

The metal version will be simpler, but, let's say, not so natural. You need to take a number of metal arches that are connected with metal beams. You can use profiled pipes as a material.

In addition, store blanks should be noted, which are also now actively offered. As a rule, shops offer pergola sections. You only need to install and assemble the structure.

One way or another, after you have erected the structure itself, reflect on the floor. Moreover, if you want to make this space a recreational area. Here paving slabs or sandstone stones will come in handy.

Pergola landscaping

There are many options for landscaping a pergola.

Much depends on the landscape design concept you choose and the style of the entire site.

In addition, pay attention to the needs of the plants, what kind of care is required.

Various hanging baskets are a good option.... You can plant bindweed there and these plants will grow on the pergola trellis.

If you want to get a real tent from plants, give preference to clematis and climbing roses. They will feel great near the pergola.

In order to get a plant that will always grow on your pergola, take plants that winter well.:

  • yellow-leaved hops;
  • girlish grapes.

They grow and begin to braid not only the walls, but also the roof. As a result, you get such a large-scale "cap" that looks great.

At first, you should not "borscht" with climbing plants, as they have the property of actively growing. If there are a lot of plants, they can deform the structure.

In order to add volume and massiveness to the composition, you can use a variety of shrubs. They can let branches go through the trellis. Thanks to this, the plants will intertwine and the structure will be complemented.

Many people over-plant the pergola and turn this space into an abundance of plants. This option actually does not look harmonious in every garden. It is best to do so that the structure, the pergola frame itself, is visible through the plants.

As you can see, creating a pergola is actually quite simple. If you are into garden architecture and want to make, for example, a gazebo, you should start with a pergola. This design will allow you to improve your own skills, and you will also have a space for pleasant rest at your own disposal.

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