How to maintain and improve the fertility of the land?

How to maintain and improve the fertility of the land?

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Owners of their own garden have a very limited resource. In addition, over time, humus is washed out, that is, a useful part of the earth.

It is difficult to imagine the cultivation of plants that bring a lot of harvest without humus. Humus contains a certain microflora, which provides plants with the necessary elements and allows them to develop normally.

Of course, here the very fact of using a modern garden should be noted as not a natural fact.

In nature, the situation is completely different, the space of forests and fields is much larger and there are more global and mutually compensating processes that simply cannot exist in your small garden.

Therefore, you should accept the unnaturalness of these conditions and understand how to work with these conditions..

For example, in nature, two centimeters of chernozem (the most optimal type of soil) appear in 200 years.

As it is not difficult to understand, on a separate site and during your period of actual ownership of this site, it is simply not possible to wait for the natural formation of a useful soil layer. Therefore, extra efforts should be made to maintain the normal quality of the land you use.

Soil study

Initially, one should understand the soil as an organism that exists and can be in different conditions.

If this organism is healthy, then the plants feel great, if the soil is not in the best condition, then the plants give practically nothing and do not grow. Therefore, first you need to be able to diagnose soil..

By the way, it is the productivity of your plants that is one of the main signs of soil health. When you observe a significant decrease in yield, even with all the methods of caring for plants: weeding, watering and others.

Depleted soil looks more like dust and dries up rapidly after rain. Normal soil, in turn, is filled and covered with organic waste. In such soil, various bacteria, worms and other organisms live and actively act.

Fertility rise

In reality, this process will only require from you the timely introduction of elements useful for the soil and the use of some additional tools.

Moreover, not so much financial costs will be required, and it will also take a little time.

It's only about which fertilizer option you will use:

  • compost - by the way, it is better to use exactly the one that you prepared yourself;
  • rotted compost;
  • humus.

Each option will give you soil bacteria, which in turn provide you with a layer of plant-friendly soil. Then earthworms come in handy.

It is earthworms that will do a huge amount of work for you that you cannot get in the other most accessible and simple ways. The first plus of earthworms is that they eat harmful components that are in the ground. The second plus is the digestion of everything absorbed into useful humus.

At the same time, with earthworms, you do not need additional application of mineral and other fertilizers at all. Various chemicals should be avoided altogether, as they significantly reduce the quality of the land. Over time, the introduction of additional chemicals depletes the land, and the plants become less resistant to external influences.

Additional soil improvement actions:

  • the use of medicinal plants;
  • the use of California worms;
  • heat treatment of soil in small areas;
  • organic matter as fertilizer - compost, humus, manure;
  • mixed sowing and crop rotation;
  • the use of green manure.

In addition, the soil should be periodically allowed to rest, that is, not sowed with various plants, but left for 1-2 seasons so that the soil can again be saturated with useful elements. By the way, during the rest period, you can make various preventive measures that will allow the soil to become suitable for growing plants again.

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