How to be treated with horseradish vodka with honey and lemon? The recipe for the tincture, as well as everything about its benefits and dangers

How to be treated with horseradish vodka with honey and lemon? The recipe for the tincture, as well as everything about its benefits and dangers

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Horseradish tincture, otherwise called horseradish, has been very popular for more than one century due to its healing properties. Quite often, horseradish is called a very effective natural aphrodisiac. This property of this drink was appreciated by our distant ancestors. There is no doubt that a tasty and healthy horseradish nourishes the body with vital energy and increases appetite. And if you follow the norm and a hangover after such a drink does not threaten! This strong drink with a characteristic burning taste has long been not only put on the table, but also used as a medicine. How can you prepare such a specific medicine at home, and how often should it be taken?

The benefits and harms of horseradish tincture

It is recommended to take just fresh horseradish, which has recently been dug out of the ground. As an alternative, rhizomes harvested for the winter will go, only so that the skin remains on them.

In the absence of fresh horseradish, you can use dried, canned or frozen, but understand that in this case the tincture will lose its aroma and many useful properties.

The best selection criterion is a pungent smell and slightly watery eyes, which indicate a mature vegetable, thereby guaranteeing a good cooking result.

Horseradish is used to fight infectious diseases due to its rich chemical composition:

  • vitamins of group B and C;
  • tannins and ascorbic acid;
  • carbohydrates (polysaccharides, arabinose and galactose);
  • ash, fiber, thioglycosides, proteins, flavonoids;
  • mineral complex (calcium, sodium, iron, sulfur, copper, chlorine and phosphorus).

Horseradish root, from which horseradish is prepared, has a whole range of useful properties, but in the process of preparing the drink, this list is significantly narrowed.

On the other hand self-prepared tincture and its chaotic reception can lead to serious problems... People suffering from any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver or thyroid gland should be careful when drinking the drink and be sure to consult a doctor. If during the cooking process an error occurs with the addition of the main ingredient or other proportions, there is a high risk of causing burns to the mucous membrane.

Medicinal properties and contraindications

As a natural aphrodisiac, horseradish-infused drink is considered beneficial for men's health, increases appetite, and also gives a boost of vivacity and energy. The main advantage of the tincture is the fight against colds: this component has a destructive effect on viruses and bacteria. If you drink in moderation, you will never have a hangover. In addition, horseradish normalizes blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.

Homemade horseradish tincture is often used to treat the following ailments:

  • viral hepatitis;
  • diabetes;
  • gastritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • gout;
  • neuralgia;
  • joint pain;
  • hypertension;
  • allergy;
  • hepatitis;
  • typhoid fever;
  • salmonellosis;
  • seborrhea;
  • hives.

The horseradish cooked according to the classic recipe is only slightly bitter. When there is a strong burning sensation in the mouth, this means that at some stage the rules for making a drink are violated or the proportions of honey and horseradish are not observed.

The use of tincture is generally contraindicated in such categories of persons as:

  • children under 12 years old;
  • pregnant women and young nursing mothers during lactation;
  • an increased level of acidity in the stomach;
  • erosion and ulcers of the stomach and intestines;
  • allergies and individual intolerance to products;
  • inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys;
  • acute form of any disease.

Horseradish-based drinks in large quantities can provoke an increase in blood pressure, the development of internal bleeding and serious burns of the oral mucosa. Therefore, before starting home treatment with horseradish, you must definitely seek the advice of a specialist and strictly follow his recommendations. Then the beneficial properties of the plant will be revealed as fully as possible.

How to make at home: recipe for making tincture with honey and lemon

For to make horseradish tincture, you can use both ordinary vodka and other analogues... The vegetable itself is not too picky about the adjacent component, allowing the use of other alcoholic beverages with a strength of 40-50ºC. Although the classic recipe invariably includes the following ingredients:

  • 0.5 l of vodka - alcohol or moonshine (recipes for moonshine can be found here, and for alcohol - here);
  • 1 tsp liquid honey;
  • 7-10 cm of horseradish root;
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice.

If desired, additional pepper, ginger root, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, vanillin, ground nutmeg, currant and cherry leaves are added to the horseradish. These modified recipes are intended for spicy lovers: the usual tincture with honey is much softer. At the same time, you do not need to add everything at once, it is better to opt for 2-3 ingredients and experiment with them in small portions, achieving the desired taste.

Having decided on the main components of the drink, you can start preparing it:

  1. Horseradish needs to be peeled and cut into circles or medium-sized cubes. The more you put in the vegetable, the less time it will take to infuse.

    You can grind the root on a coarse grater or meat grinder, but the drink will turn out to be too tart due to the fact that it gives away almost all the juices.

  2. The workpiece should be put in a jar, add honey and lemon juice to the container.
  3. Pour all the ingredients with a small amount of vodka, mix well and add the rest of the alcohol.
  4. Thoroughly strain the resulting tincture through a sieve (cheesecloth or coffee filters) and tighten the jar tightly.
  5. Leave in a cool dark place to infuse for 3-4 days, periodically opening and stirring.

The longer the shit costs, the hotter it gets.... It should not change color dramatically, always remaining within the boundaries of a light yellowish tint. It is also worth trying it periodically: if the strength of the taste completely satisfies, you can remove the horseradish after a few days, leaving only one liquid, because with a longer infusion, a slightly bitter taste may appear.

It is worth taking the drink a little chilled and drinking in one gulp in portions of no more than 50 ml. It has an interesting feature - a strong increase in appetite after drinking 20-30ml. If the tincture is prepared for medicinal purposes, then it must be taken 2-3 times a day a few minutes before meals. The duration of the course depends on the diagnosis, but usually lasts about 2 weeks.

In order for horseradish to retain its healing properties as long as possible, it is important to properly store it at home. The shelf life of the drink can range from 2 to 5 years. provided that the finished result will be in a cool, dark place with the required humidity - in a room or refrigerator. If the tincture has stood and has a characteristic bitterness, then it is worthwhile to reanimate the drink in a timely manner by the following methods:

  • add a little water and distill it through the moonshine still;
  • add 1 tbsp each. lemon juice and honey;
  • add vodka in small portions until the same taste is obtained.

Horseradish contains volatile components that evaporate over time. The longer the homemade mixture is stored, the less noticeable the taste and aroma of the main component becomes. therefore it is not worth storing horseradish for longer than 3-4 months.

We suggest watching a video on how to cook horseradish:

Possible side effects

Despite the abundance of benefits, horseradish has a number of important contraindications.

Exceeding the norm or non-compliance with the recommendations for the use of the tincture can harm the body in the form of various side effects.

As can be judged from the description of the pharmacological action, the abuse of drugs based on horseradish or exceeding the permissible norms is fraught with unpleasant consequences:

  • irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa;
  • vomiting (often with blood impurities);
  • diarrhea and symptoms characteristic of gastroenteritis;
  • insomnia;
  • hyperemia of the skin and gangrene.

Before using the aforementioned recipe, it is imperative that you consult your doctor.... You should not combine the use of horseradish with drug treatment with other drugs that contain levomiticin, since horseradish neutralizes their effect.

And the main rule is that you cannot drink such a tincture every day as an aperitif. Its property to induce appetite must be used rationally, otherwise the risk of provoking a reverse reaction: nausea and other problems with the digestive system.

Horseradish is very easy to prepare. But even so homely the drink should be used rationally so as not to harm yourself... If this tincture is not abused, then it is able to restore its previous health in the shortest possible time and even serve as an excellent preventive measure against many diseases.

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