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Grow Kiwi in Vase

Grow Kiwi in Vase

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Question: Grow Kiwi in Vase

I would be interested in cultivating kiwis on my 40sqm terrace (so a very large terrace, which also acts as a roof) and let them climb on my small pergola, I read that the plant needs a lot of soil and I thought to use conconi (large pots) for plants (given that it will take at least 1 male and one female).
Thank you very much

Answer: Grow Kiwi in Vase

Dear Leonardo,
kiwis are very vigorous plants, which need ample space and a lot of soil, as each year they develop stems up to a few meters long; in fact they are not plants indicated for pot cultivation. There are dwarf kiwis, that is to say some varieties with limited development, which can also be grown in a small space and with large pots.


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