An original method of planting tomatoes in boiling water: two methods of sowing, choosing a variety of tomatoes and further care

An original method of planting tomatoes in boiling water: two methods of sowing, choosing a variety of tomatoes and further care

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Tomatoes grow in almost every household plot. With the end of winter, the question arises before gardeners: whether to grow tomato seedlings on their own or buy ready-made seedlings.

Growing yourself requires patience and a certain amount of free time. Moreover, the result may not always be crowned with success. But there are ways of sowing tomatoes, which always give good germination. This is boiling water sowing.

Two Sowing Methods Using Boiling Water

There are two slightly different ways.

  • The first way.
    1. The soil into which the seeds are supposed to be sown must be spilled with boiling water.
    2. After that, tomato seeds are placed in the ground, you don't even need to sprinkle them on top.
    3. Next, you need to cover the sowing with foil, protecting it from the cold.
  • Second way.
    1. The second method differs in that the seeds must be immersed in dry ground, and then watered with boiling water.
    2. After watering, you need to cover the future seedlings with foil and put in a warm place.

What is it for?

These two methods are based on the hot bath effect. Therefore, greenhouses need to be covered with a film to retain the moist warm steam that is formed as a result of watering with boiling water.

In addition, hot water helps to stimulate the germination of tomato seeds.

Tomatoes sown in boiling water experience a shock, thanks to this, not only germination is accelerated, but also the fruiting process is improved.

Numerous observations have shown that the first shoots should appear on the third day.

Advantages and disadvantages

The method of sowing with boiling water is quite new, but it already has a large number of fans. This is due to the fact that the method really gives a very good result. This is the main plus.

Also, the advantages of such a landing include the following:

  • the ground spilled with hot water does not contain various pathogens;
  • the method is suitable for growing seeds of any crops;
  • in addition to a 100% germination rate expected, seeds that require long-term stratification will sprout faster.

Important. The purchase of seeds must be carried out in a specialized store, otherwise all efforts to grow seedlings can be deplorable.

The disadvantages of using hot water when germinating tomatoes include the fact that the seeds are scalded. And this affects the structure of the future plant. No one can predict whether the seeds of those tomatoes that are grown with boiling water will be able to yield a crop.

For which varieties is this sowing suitable?

As practice shows, any variety of tomatoes can be germinated using the greenhouse method... The seedlings are strong and healthy, since both the soil and the seeds have been pre-disinfected.

Instructions: how to plant tomatoes using boiling water?

  • The first way. Landing in the ground spilled with boiling water.
    1. A container with earth is prepared in advance.
    2. Bring the water to a boil.
    3. The soil in the container is poured over with hot water. The water should saturate the soil well.
    4. Then they take vegetable seeds, and slightly deepen into warm soil, cover with polyethylene.
    5. The container with the seedlings is placed on the battery for 30-45 minutes.
    6. Then they are removed from the battery and transferred to a warm room.
  • Second way. Treatment of already planted seeds with boiling water.
    1. Choosing a container for future tomato seedlings.
    2. We pour a layer of special soil into the container.
    3. The seeds of future tomatoes are spread on the surface of the soil.
    4. Seedlings are poured with boiling water. Experts recommend pouring water directly from the kettle.
    5. Cover the top with plastic wrap or wrap with a bag.
    6. First, the container is placed on a battery for 40-50 minutes, and then transferred to a warm room.

Let's watch a video about the treatment of already planted seeds with boiling water:

Further care

  • After planting is completed, it is necessary to wait for the emergence of seedlings. During this period of time, you need to monitor the condensation that forms on the film. If it is not there, then it's time to water the greenhouse.
  • When the first sprouts begin to hatch, the container with the seedlings must be moved under additional lighting.

    Important. At the moment of pecking the first shoots, the film does not need to be removed.

  • As soon as leaves appear on most plants, the polyethylene must be removed.
  • When planting, the seeds are slightly deepened into the ground. To form a strong root system, you need to deepen it. To do this, you can immediately plant young seedlings in separate containers. You can also carefully sprinkle it with soil and make a pick when the plants get stronger.
  • Experts recommend not to use top dressing after a pick. This is due to the fact that the garden soil will not have all the properties that the greenhouse land. Because of this, the adaptation process after disembarkation will be long and difficult.

Sowing tomatoes with boiling water is gaining great popularity among gardeners. In order to choose a method that will satisfy all your needs, you need to try it too. Moreover, the result meets expectations.

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